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1 MINIREVIEW] Stress responses in Streptococcus species and their effects on the host Cuong Thach Nguyen, Sang-Sang Park, and Dong-Kwon Rhee* vol.53,No.11,2015 741-749
2 Spirosoma pulveris sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from a dust sample collected at Chungnam province, South Korea Eun Sun Joo1, Jae-Jin Lee1, Seho Cha2, Weonhwa Jheong3, Taegun Seo2, Sangyong Lim4, Sun-wook Jeong4, and Sathiyaraj Srinivasan1* vol.53,No.11,2015 750-755
3 Flavobacterium jejuensis sp. nov., isolated from marine brown alga Ecklonia cava So-Hyun Park1, Ji-Young Kim2,3, Young-Ju Kim3*, and Moon-Soo Heo1* vol.53,No.11,2015 756-761
4 Niabella ginsenosidivorans sp. nov., isolated from compost Kwon-Jung Yi1, Wan-Taek Im2,3, Dong-Woon Kim4, Qing Mei Liu2,3, and Soo-Ki Kim1* vol.53,No.11,2015 762-766
5 Enhanced method for microbial community DNA extraction and purification from agricultural yellow loess soil Mathur Nadarajan Kathiravan1, Geun Ho Gim1, Jaewon Ryu2, Pyung Il Kim3, Chul Won Lee4, and Si Wouk Kim1* vol.53,No.11,2015 767-775
6 The crystal structure of the D-alanine-D-alanine ligase from Acinetobacter baumannii suggests a flexible conformational change in the central domain before nucleotide binding Kim-Hung Huynh1, Myoung-ki Hong1, Clarice Lee1,2, Huyen-Thi Tran1, Sang Hee Lee3, Yeh-Jin Ahn4, Sun-Shin Cha5, and Lin-Woo Kang1* vol.53,No.11,2015 776-782
7 The Mycobacterium tuberculosis relBE toxin:antitoxin genes are stress-responsive modules that regulate growth through translation inhibition Shaleen B. Korch1,2*, Vandana Malhotra1, Heidi Contreras1, and Josephine E. Clark-Curtiss1,3 vol.53,No.11,2015 783-795
8 Antiviral effects of Lactobacillus ruminis SPM0211 and Bifidobacterium longum SPM1205 and SPM1206 on rotavirus-infected Caco-2 cells and a neonatal mouse model Joo Yeon Kang1, Do Kyung Lee2, Nam Joo Ha2, and Hea Soon Shin1* vol.53,No.11,2015 796-803