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1 Spirosoma metallicus sp. nov., isolated from an automobile air conditioning system Hyosun Lee1, Dong-Uk Kim1, Suyeon Lee1, Sooyeon Park2, Jung-Hoon Yoon2, So Yoon Park3, and Jong-Ok Ka1* vol.55,No.9,2017 673–677
2 Spirosoma daeguensis sp. nov., isolated from beach soil Nabil Elderiny1, Leonid N. Ten1, Jae-Jin Lee1, Seung-Yeol Lee1, Sangkyu Park1, Young-Je Cho2, Myung Kyum Kim3, and Hee-Young Jung1,4* vol.55,No.9,2017 678–683
3 Variations in bacterial and fungal communities through soil depth profiles in a Betula albosinensis forest Can Du1, Zengchao Geng1*, Qiang Wang1, Tongtong Zhang1, Wenxiang He1, Lin Hou2, and Yueling Wang1 vol.55,No.9,2017 684–693
4 Effect of dietary copper level on the gut microbiota and its correlation with serum inflammatory cytokines in Sprague-Dawley rats Feng Zhang1, Weijiang Zheng1, Rong Guo1, and Wen Yao1,2* vol.55,No.9,2017 694–702
5 Comparison of antibiotic resistance and copper tolerance of Enterococcus spp. and Lactobacillus spp. isolated from piglets before and after weaning Xueting Zou1, Mengwei Weng1, Xu Ji1, Rong Guo1, Weijiang Zheng1, and Wen Yao1,2* vol.55,No.9,2017 703–710
6 Promising cellulolytic fungi isolates for rice straw degradation Diana Catalina Pedraza-Zapata1, Andrea Melissa Sánchez-Garibello1,2, Balkys Quevedo-Hidalgo3, Nubia Moreno-Sarmiento1, and Ivonne Gutiérrez-Rojas2* vol.55,No.9,2017 711–719
7 Diversity of lactic acid bacteria from Miang, a traditional fermented tea leaf in northern Thailand and their tannin-tolerant ability in tea extract Siriporn Chaikaew1, Sasitorn Baipong2, Teruo Sone3, Apinun Kanpiengjai1,4, Naradorn Chui-chai1, Kozo Asano3, and Chartchai Khanongnuch1,5* vol.55,No.9,2017 720–729
8 Loss of FrmB results in increased size of developmental structures during the multicellular development of Dictyostelium cells Hyeseon Kim, Mi-Rae Lee, and Taeck Joong Jeon* vol.55,No.9,2017 730–736
9 Potential of 2, 2'-dipyridyl diselane as an adjunct to antibiotics to manage cadmium-induced antibiotic resistance in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi Ty2 strain Praveen Rishi1*, Reena Thakur1, Ujjwal Jit Kaur1, Harjit Singh2, and Kuldip K. Bhasin2 vol.55,No.9,2017 737–744
10 Gallibacterium elongation factor-Tu possesses amyloid-like protein characteristics, participates in cell adhesion, and is present in biofilms Jaqueline López-Ochoa1, J. Fernando Montes-García2, Candelario Vázquez1, Patricia Sánchez-Alonso1, Victor M. Pérez-Márquez3, Patrick J. Blackall4, Sergio Vaca2, and Erasmo Negrete-Abascal2* vol.55,No.9,2017 745–752