No Title Author Volume Page
1 [MINIREVIEW] Antimicrobial actions of dual oxidases and lactoperoxidase Demba Sarr, Eszter Tóth, Aaron Gingerich, and Balázs Rada* vol.56,No.6,2018 373–386
2 Lysobacter pedocola sp. nov., a novel species isolated from Korean soil Jun Hyeong Jang1,2, Dongwook Lee1, and Taegun Seo1* vol.56,No.6,2018 387–392
3 Paenibacillus albilobatus sp. nov., isolated from acidic soil on Jeju Island Jae-Won Lee1, Ye-Eun Kim1, Myung-Suk Kang2, Ki-Eun Lee3, Eun-Young Lee3, and Soo-Je Park1* vol.56,No.6,2018 393–398
4 Root-associated bacteria influencing mycelial growth of Tricholoma matsutake (pine mushroom) Seung-Yoon Oh and Young Woon Lim* vol.56,No.6,2018 399–407
5 Metagenomic analysis reveals the prevalence and persistence of antibiotic- and heavy metal-resistance genes in wastewater treatment plant Sachin Kumar Gupta1, Hanseob Shin2, Dukki Han1, Hor-Gil Hur2*, and Tatsuya Unno1,3* vol.56,No.6,2018 408–415
6 Diversity of A mating type in Lentinula edodes and mating type preference in the cultivated strains Byeongsuk Ha1, Sinil Kim1, Minseek Kim1, Yoon Jung Moon1, Yelin Song1, Jae-San Ryu2, Hojin Ryu3, and Hyeon-Su Ro1,4* vol.56,No.6,2018 416–425
7 Photosynthetic and biochemical responses of the freshwater green algae Closterium ehrenbergii Meneghini (Conjugatophyceae) exposed to the metal coppers and its implication for toxicity testing Hui Wang, Vinitha Ebenezer, and Jang-Seu Ki* vol.56,No.6,2018 426–434
8 Colistin resistance in Enterobacter spp. isolates in Korea Yoon-Kyoung Hong, Ji-Young Lee, and Kwan Soo Ko* vol.56,No.6,2018 435–440
9 Analysis of IE62 mutations found in Varicella-Zoster virus vaccine strains for transactivation activity Hyemin Ko1, Gwang Myeong Lee1, Ok Sarah Shin2, Moon Jung Song3, Chan Hee Lee4, Young Eui Kim1, and Jin-Hyun Ahn1* vol.56,No.6,2018 441–448