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1 [Protocol] Detecting Salmonella Type II flagella production by transmission electron microscopy and immunocytochemistry Yoontak Han and Eun-Jin Lee* vol.58,No.4,2020 245-251
2 Paradesulfovibrio onnuriensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a chemolithoautotrophic sulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from the Onnuri vent field of the Indian Ocean and reclassification of Desulfovibrio senegalensis as Paradesulfovibrio senegalensis comb. nov. Yun Jae Kim1,2, Jhung-Ahn Yang1, Jae Kyu Lim1,2, Mi-Jeong Park1,2, Sung-Hyun Yang1, Hyun Sook Lee1,2, Sung Gyun Kang1,2, Jung-Hyun Lee1,2, and Kae Kyoung Kwon1,2* vol.58,No.4,2020 252-259
3 Thermococcus indicus sp. nov., a Fe(III)-reducing hyperthermophilic archaeon isolated from the Onnuri Vent Field of the Central Indian Ocean ridge Jae Kyu Lim1,2, Yun Jae Kim1,2, Jhung-Ahn Yang1, Teddy Namirimu1, Sung-Hyun Yang1, Mi-Jeong Park1,2, Yong Min Kwon3, Hyun Sook Lee1,2, Sung Gyun Kang1,2, Jung-Hyun Lee1,2, and Kae Kyoung Kwon1,2* vol.58,No.4,2020 260-267
4 Light affects picocyanobacterial grazing and growth response of the mixotrophic flagellate Poterioochromonas malhamensis Thomas Weisse* and Michael Moser vol.58,No.4,2020 268-278
5 Distribution characteristics of fungal communities with depth in paddy fields of three soil types in China Xu Li1, Huanhuan Wang1,2, Xiang Li1,2, Xinyu Li1, and Huiwen Zhang1* vol.58,No.4,2020 279-287
6 Optimization of bacterial sporulation using economic nutrient for self-healing concrete Youngung Ryu1, Ki-Eun Lee2, In-Tae Cha2, and Woojun Park1* vol.58,No.4,2020 288-296
7 Analysis of a bac operon-silenced strain suggests pleiotropic effects of bacilysin in Bacillus subtilis Ozan Ertekin1, Meltem Kutnu1, Aslı Aras Taşkın1,3, Mustafa Demir1,4, Ayten Yazgan Karataş2, and Gülay Özcengiz1* vol.58,No.4,2020 297-313
8 Lactobacillus plantarum lipoteichoic acid disrupts mature Enterococcus faecalis biofilm A Reum Kim1, Minji Kang2, Yeon-Jee Yoo2, Cheol-Heui Yun3, Hiran Perinpanayagam4, Kee-Yeon Kum2,5*, and Seung Hyun Han6* vol.58,No.4,2020 314-319
9 Autophagy of bovine mammary epithelial cell induced by intracellular Staphylococcus aureus Na Geng1, Kangping Liu2, Jianwei Lu1, Yuliang Xu1, Xiaozhou Wang1, Run Wang1, Jianzhu Liu2, Yongxia Liu1*, and Bo Han3 vol.58,No.4,2020 320-329
10 Streptococcus pneumoniae aminopeptidase N contributes to bacterial virulence and elicits a strong innate immune response through MAPK and PI3K/AKT signaling Ling Wang, Xuemei Zhang, Guangying Wu, Yuhong Qi, Jinghui Zhang, Jing Yang, Hong Wang, and Wenchun Xu* vol.58,No.4,2020 330-339
11 [ERRATUM] The discovery of potent immunostimulatory CpG-ODNs widely distributed in bacterial genomes Juan Liu1, Yan Wei2, Yongling Lu2, Yangyuling Li1, Qian Chen2, and Yan Li1,2,3* vol.58,No.4,2020 340
12 [ERRATUM]Hahyoungchilella caricis gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from a rhizosphere mudflat of a halophyte (Carex scabrifolia), transfer of Thioclava arenosa Thongphrom et al. 2017 to Pseudothioclava as Pseudothioclava arenosa gen. nov., comb. nov. and proposal of Thioclava electrotropha Chang et al. Young-Ju Kim1 and Soon Dong Lee2* vol.58,No.4,2020 341