No Title Author Volume Page
1 Construction of high-density transposon mutant library of Staphylococcus aureus using bacteriophage ϕ11 Wonsik Lee* vol.60,No.12,2022 1123-1129
2 Microbial metabolic responses and CO2 emissions differentiated by soil water content variation in subarctic tundra soils Dockyu Kim1*, Namyi Chae2, Mincheol Kim1, Sungjin Nam1, Tai Kyoung Kim1, Ki-Tea Park3, Bang Yong Lee3, Eungbin Kim4, and Hyoungseok Lee1 vol.60,No.12,2022 1130-1138
3 Negative regulation of the acsA1 gene encoding the major acetyl-CoA synthetase by cAMP receptor protein in Mycobacterium smegmatis Eon-Min Ko1, Yuna Oh1, and Jeong-Il Oh1,2* vol.60,No.12,2022 1139-1152
4 Functional analysis of ascP in Aeromonas veronii TH0426 reveals a key role in the regulation of virulence Yongchao Guan, Meng Zhang, Yingda Wang, Zhongzhuo Liu, Zelin Zhao, Hong Wang, Dingjie An, Aidong Qian, Yuanhuan Kang, Wuwen Sun*, and Xiaofeng Shan* vol.60,No.12,2022 1153-1161
5 Transcript-specific selective translation by specialized ribosomes bearing genome-encoded heterogeneous rRNAs in V. vulnificus CMCP6 Younkyung Choi1, Minju Joo1, Wooseok Song1, Minho Lee2, Hana Hyeon1, Hyun-Lee Kim1, Ji-Hyun Yeom1, Kangseok Lee1*, and Eunkyoung Shin1* vol.60,No.12,2022 1162-1167
6 Physiological roles of catalases Cat1 and Cat2 in Myxococcus xanthus Kimura Yoshio*, Yuri Yoshioka, and Kie Toshikuni vol.60,No.12,2022 1168-1177
7 Characteristic alterations of gut microbiota in uncontrolled gout Asad ul-Haq1,2, Kyung-Ann Lee1, Hoonhee Seo2,3, Sukyung Kim3, Sujin Jo2, Kyung Min Ko4, Su-Jin Moon5, Yun Sung Kim6, Jung Ran Choi7, Ho-Yeon Song2,3, and Hyun-Sook Kim1* vol.60,No.12,2022 1178-1190
8 Synthesis of pinene in the industrial strain Candida glycerinogenes by modification of its mevalonate pathway Tengfei Ma1,2,3, Hong Zong1,2,3, Xinyao Lu1,2,3, and Bin Zhuge1,2,3* vol.60,No.12,2022 1191-1200
9 Coumarin-based combined computational study to design novel drugs against Candida albicans Akhilesh Kumar Maurya and Nidhi Mishra* vol.60,No.12,2022 1201-1207