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1 Signification and Application of Mutator and Antimutator Phenotype‑Induced Genetic Variations in Evolutionary Adaptation and Cancer Therapeutics Woo‑Hyun Chung* vol.61,No.12,2023 1013-1024
2 Genetic and Functional Characterization of a Salicylate 1‑monooxygenase Located on an Integrative and Conjugative Element (ICE) in Pseudomonas stutzeri AJR13 Igor Ivanovski1,2*, and Gerben J. Zylstra2 vol.61,No.12,2023 1025-1032
3 Structural and Functional Analyses of the Flavoprotein Disulfide Reductase FN0820 of Fusobacterium nucleatum Hyunwoo Shin1, Yeongjin Baek1, Dukwon Lee1, Yongbin Xu2, Yonghoon Kwon1, Inseong Jo3*, and Nam‑Chul Ha1,4* vol.61,No.12,2023 1033-1041
4 Transcription Factors Tec1 and Tec2 Play Key Roles in the Hyphal Growth and Virulence of Mucor lusitanicus Through Increased Mitochondrial Oxidative Metabolism Viridiana Alejandre‑Castañeda1†, J. Alberto Patiño‑Medina1†, Marco I. Valle‑Maldonado2, Alexis García3, Rafael Ortiz‑Alvarado1, León F. Ruíz‑Herrera1, Karla Viridiana Castro‑Cerritos4, Joel Ramírez‑Emiliano5, Martha I. Ramírez‑Díaz1, Victoriano Garre6, Soo Chan Lee3, and Víctor Meza‑Carmen1* vol.61,No.12,2023 1043–1062
5 Prevalence of Indigenous Antibiotic‑Resistant Salmonella Isolates and Their Application to Explore a Lytic Phage vB_SalS_KFSSM with an Intra‑Broad Specificity Jaein Choe1†, Su‑Hyeon Kim1†, Ji Min Han1, Jong‑Hoon Kim2, Mi‑Sun Kwak2, Do‑Won Jeong3, and Mi‑Kyung Park1* vol.61,No.12,2023 1063-1073