Title Nucleotide Sequence Analysis of the 5S Ribosomal RNA Gene of the Mushroom Tricholoma matsutake
Author Hwang, Seon Kap · Kim, Jong Guk *
Address Department of Microbiology, Kyungpook National University
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 33(2),136-141, 1995,
Key Words 5S RNA, Tricholoma matsutake, phylogency, secondary structure
Abstract From a cluster of structural rRNA genes which has previsouly been cloned (Hwang and Kim, in submission; J. Microbiol. Biotechnol.), a 1.0-kb Eco RI fragment of DNA which shows significant homology to the 25S and rRNA s of Tricholoma matsutake was used for sequence analysis. Nucleotide sequence was bidirectionally determined using deletion series of the DNA fragment. Comparing the resultant 1016-base sequence with sequences in the database, both the 3'end of 25S-rRNA gene and 5S rRNA gene were searched. The 5S rRNA gene is 118-bp in length and is located 158-bp downstream of 3'end of the 25S rRNA gene. IGSI and IGS2 (partial) sequences are also contained in the fragment. Multiple alignment of the 5S rRNA sequences was carried out with 5S rRNA sequences from some members of the subdivision Basidiomycotina obtained from the database. Polygenetic analysis with distance matrix established by Kimura's 2-parameter method and phylogenetic tree by UPGMA method proposed that T. matsutake is closely related to efibulobasidium allbescens. Secondary structure of 5S rRNA was also hypothesized to show similar topology with its generally accepted eukaryotic counterpart.
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