No Title Author Volume Page
1 Construction of probability identification matrix and selective medium for acidophilic actinomycetes using numerical classification data Seong, Chi Nam * · Park, Seok Kyu¹ · Goodfellow, Michael² · Kim, Seung Bum³ · Hah, Yung Chil³ vol.33,No.2,1995 95-102
2 Characteristics of protease inhibitor produced by streptomyces fradiae SMF9 Kim, Hyoung Tae¹'² · Suh, Joo Won²'³ · Lee, Key Joon¹'² * vol.33,No.2,1995 103-108
3 Purification and characterization of a xylanase from alkalophilic cephalosporium sp. RYM-202 Kang, Myoung Kyu · Kwon, Tae Ik¹ · Yang, Young Ki² · Rhee, Young Ha * vol.33,No.2,1995 109-114
4 Purification and Characterization of an Alkaline Protease produced by a Xanthomonas sp. YL-37 Lee, Chang Ho · Kim, Hee Sik · Kwon, Gi Soek · Oh, Hee Mock · Kang, Sang Mo¹ · Kwon, Tae Jong¹ · Yoon, Byung Dae * vol.33,No.2,1995 115-119
5 Regulation of the Expression of nhaA Gene, Coding Na^+/H^+ Antiporter A of Escherichia coli. Seo, Sung Yum * · Lee, Seung Heon vol.33,No.2,1995 120-125
6 Characterization of the 5'-Flanking region upstream from the structural Gene for Zymomonas mobilis Alcohol Dehydrogenase Yoon, Ki Hong * · Park, Seung Hwan · Jung, Kyung Hwa · Pack, M. Y.¹ vol.33,No.2,1995 126-127
7 Molecular Cloning and Nucleotide sequence of Schizosaccharomyces pombe Homologue of the Receptor for Activated Protein Kinase C Gene Park, Seung Kiel · Yoo, Hyang Sook * vol.33,No.2,1995 128-131
8 Megabase-sized DNA Isolation and Electrophoretic Karyotype of Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht Park, Min Seon · Min, Byung Re * vol.33,No.2,1995 132-135
9 Nucleotide Sequence Analysis of the 5S Ribosomal RNA Gene of the Mushroom Tricholoma matsutake Hwang, Seon Kap · Kim, Jong Guk * vol.33,No.2,1995 136-141
10 Construction of Multiple Mutant Strains by Mating Procedures for the Cloning of pmn and pmb Genes Encoding Amino Acid Permeases in Neurospora crassa Han, Hyo Young * · Min, Kyung Hee¹ vol.33,No.2,1995 142-145
11 Selection of Laccase Over-secreting Mutant in Coprinus congregature Kim, Soon Ja · Choi, Hyoung Tae * vol.33,No.2,1995 146-148
12 Restriction and Transcription Maps of Mitochondrial DNA of Trimorphomyces papilionaceus Jeoung, Won Jin · Hong, Soon Gyu · Kang, Young Won · Jung, Hack Sung * vol.33,No.2,1995 149-153
13 Characteristics of Ustilago maydis Virus of SH14 Killer Strain Isolated in Korea Hwang, Seon Hee · Jung, Cheong Hwan · Yue, Se Won * vol.33,No.2,1995 154-159
14 Role of Mg^2+ in RNA Splicing of T4 td Intron Sung, Jung Suk · Shin, Sookc¹ · Park, In Kook * vol.33,No.2,1995 160-164
15 An Analysis of the Arm-type Site Binding Domain of Bacteriophage γ Integrase Cho, Eun Hee vol.33,No.2,1995 165-170