Title Characteristics of Ustilago maydis Virus of SH14 Killer Strain Isolated in Korea
Author Hwang, Seon Hee · Jung, Cheong Hwan · Yue, Se Won *
Address Department of Microbiology, College of Natural Sciences Kang Won National University
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 33(2),154-159, 1995,
Key Words Ustilago maydis, fungal virus, dsRNA, toxin
Abstract SH-14, a novel killer strain of Ustilago maydis was isolated in Korea. It has been reported in other papers that the toxin specificity and double-stranded RNA pattern of SH-14 strain were different from other laboratory strains. In this paper, we analyzed the biochemical characteristics of U. maydis SH-14 virus. Three distinctive peaks were isolated from CsCl density gradient, designated as top (T), intermediate (I) and bottom (B) components. We found that the densities of each components, 1.285, 1.408 g/㎤, respectively, are very similar to those of other strains. As previously reported by the analysis of dsRNA in each component, the dsRNA segments are separately encapsidated. Capsid protein of SH-14 virus consists of two proteins about 70 Kd shown by SDS-PAGE analysis. Electron microscopic examination of the virus particles revealed that UmV particles are very similar in size and morphology to all isolates as well as all lab-strains. In order to test immunological cross reactivity of UmV, western blot analysis was carried out with antiserum against A8 virus. All capsid protein had positive reaction against A8 antibody which indicated that UmV are immunologically cross-reactive with all isolates from Korea. The results presented in this paper may show that UmV isolated from SH-14 strain has very similar biochemical characteristics to those of other UmV. However, the difference in the toxin specificity and the molecular weight of toxin protein from the SH-14 strain has us to conclude that U. maydis SH-14 strain is a new killer type.
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