Title Molecular cloning and expression of shiga-like toxin II gene (slt-II) from an isolated of healthy Korean native bovine feces, fscherichia coli KSC109
Author Cha, In Ho · Kim kyoung Sook · Kim, Sang Hyun¹ · Kim, Young Hwan¹ · Lee, Young Choon *
Address Division of Molecular Glycobiology, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB), KIST; ¹College of Veterinary Medicine, Gyeongsang national University
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 34(2),151-157, 1996,
Key Words Shiga like toxin II gene, bovin feces, E. coli
Abstract By PCR amplification using the sequence of the previously cloned shiga-like toxin II DNA, a gene encoding it has been cloned from an isolate of healthy Korean native bovine feces, Escherichia coli KSC109. The nucleotide sequence s included tow open reading frames coding for 319 and 89 amino acids corresponding to A and B subunits, respectively. Comparison of the nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequences of newly cloned gene (slt-II) with those of others in the SLT-II family revealed completely identical homology with SLT-II cloned previously from bacteriophabe DNA of E. coli 933 derived from a patient with hemorrhagic colities. In addition, the sequence homology of SLT-II with SLT-II variant form bovine was more than 95% at both the nucleotide and protein levels. Overexpression of SLT-II recombinant gene by induction with IPTG using an E, coli host-vector, system was conducted and the correctly processed products with active mature form exhibited 1000-fold higher cytotoxycity for Vero cells than that form original strain.
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