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1 Numerical classification of actinomycetes isolated from volcanic soil Kim, Seung Bum · Lee, Soon Dong · Kim, Seon Young · Oh, Hyung Myung · Kang, Sa Ouk * · Hah, Yung Chil vol.34,No.2,1996 105-116
2 Phylogenetic relationship of ganoderma species with the polyporaceae base don RFLP analysis of the nuclear ITS region Park, Hong Je· Shin, Kee Sun · Yoon, Cheol Sik · Lee, Dong Hun · Bae, Kyung Sook * vol.34,No.2,1996 117-123
3 Isolation and identification of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus form rainbow trout cultured in Korea Lee, Jin Hee¹ · Heo, Gang Joon¹ · Lee, Chan Hee * vol.34,No.2,1996 124-130
4 Distribution and activity of sulfate-reducing bacteria in lake soyang sediments Jin, Ho Yong · Lee, Dong Hun · Zo, Young Gun · Kang Chan Su · Kim Sang Jong * vol.34,No.2,1996 131-136
5 Regulation of fpr Gene encoding NADPH :Ferredoxin oxidoreductase by the soxRS locus in escherichia coli Koh, Young Sang · Chouh, Jenny · Roe, Jung Hye * vol.34,No.2,1996 137-143
6 Extracellular DNAs released form the genetically engineered E. coli CU103 during growth in different liquid media Kim, Chi Kyung · Park, Sang Ho · Lim, Jai Yun · Kim, Young Chang · Kim, Young Soo¹ · Min Kyung Hee² · Lee, Ki Sung³ vol.34,No.2,1996 144-150
7 Molecular cloning and expression of shiga-like toxin II gene (slt-II) from an isolated of healthy Korean native bovine feces, fscherichia coli KSC109 Cha, In Ho · Kim kyoung Sook · Kim, Sang Hyun¹ · Kim, Young Hwan¹ · Lee, Young Choon * vol.34,No.2,1996 151-157
8 Genetic relationship between the SPT3 gene and RAS/cAMP pathway in yeast cell cycle control Shin, Deug Yong * · Yun, Jean Ho vol.34,No.2,1996 158-165
9 Fast genetic variation among coliphage quasispecies revealed by a random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis Kwon, Oh Sik * · Lee, Jae Yung¹ vol.34,No.2,1996 166-171
10 Effect of copper on the growth and methanol dehydrogenase activity of methylobacillusd sp. strain SK1 DSM 8269 Kim, Si W.¹ · Kim, Young M. * vol.34,No.2,1996 172-178
11 Optimization of culture conditions for production of pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide type I Kim, Su Nam · Min, Kwan Ki · Kim, Seung Hwan · Choi, In Hwa · Lee, Suhk Hyung · Pyo, Suhk Noung · Rhee, Dong Kwon * vol.34,No.2,1996 179-183
12 Lipid analysis of streptomycetes isolated form volcanic soil Kim, Seung Bum · Kim, Min Young · Seong, Chi Nam¹ · Kang Sa Ouk * · Hah, Yung Chil vol.34,No.2,1996 184-191
13 Detection of L-xylosone and its physiological effects in saccharomyces cerevisiae Seok, Yeong Jae · Yang, Kap Seok · Kang, Ju Gyeong · Kim, Seong Tae · Huh, Won Ki · Kang, Sa Ouk * vol.34,No.2,1996 192-197
14 Partial characterization of proteases from culture filtrate of mycobacterium tuberculosis Na, Byoung Kuk¹ · Song, Chul Yong¹ * · Park, Young Kil² · Bai, Gill Han² · Ki, Sang Jae² vol.34,No.2,1996 198-205
15 An FMN-containing NADH-quinone reductase from streptomyces sp Youn, Hong Duk · Lee, Jin Won · Youn, Hwan · Lee, Jeong Kug¹ · Hah, Yung Chil · Kang, Sa Ouk * vol.34,No.2,1996 206-213