Title Isolation and characterization of Bacillus sp. KD1014 producing carboxymethyl-cellulase
Author Lee, Kyung Dong · Kim, Jung Ho · Kim Hoon *
Address Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Sunchon National University
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 34(4),305-310, 1996,
Key Words CMCase, Bacillus sp. KD1014, internal cleavage, binding to Avicel, activity staining
Abstract A microorganism producing carboxymethyl-cellulase (CMCase) was isoalted from 300 soil and compost samples. The isolated was identified as Bacillus sp. by Biolog^TM test and fatty acid analysis, and named as Bacillus sp. KD1014. The isolate could degrade, in addition to CMC, various kinds of polysaccharides such as levan, xylan, starch, and filter paper but hardly degrade microcrystaline Avicel. The optimum growth and CMCase production of the isolate was observed between 16-and 25 hr-culture at 45℃ and pH 5.0. The maximum CMCase activity was observed at pH 4.5 and 60℃. The CMCase was found to bind to Avicel. The CMCase was internally cleaved as growth continued. When crude supernatant was used for activity staining, three major bands were detected on a native gel, however, only on major band was detected on a denaturating gel after removal of the detergent.
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