No Title Author Volume Page
1 Phylogenetic analysis of trichaptum based on the RFLP of PCR amplified DNAs Ko, Kwan Soo · Jung, Hack Sung * vol.34,No.4,1996 295-299
2 Image analysis of bacterial cell size by diurnal changes in lake Soyang, Korea Choi, Seung Ik * · Ahn, Tae Seok¹'² · Kato, Kenji³ vol.34,No.4,1996 300-304
3 Isolation and characterization of Bacillus sp. KD1014 producing carboxymethyl-cellulase Lee, Kyung Dong · Kim, Jung Ho · Kim Hoon * vol.34,No.4,1996 305-310
4 Identification of a cellular protein interacting with murine retrovirus Gag polyproteins Choi, Won Ja vol.34,No.4,1996 311-315
5 Effect of initial pH and L-arginine on the composition of fatty acids of streptomyces viridochromogenes Oh, Choong Hun * · Jung, Sang Oun · Pyee, Jae Ho¹ · Kim, Jae Heon² vol.34,No.4,1996 316-319
6 Fate of genetically engineered 2,4-D-Degrading microorganisms in natural soils and waters Hong, Seok Myeong · Lee, Yin Won · Kim, Chi Kyung¹ · Ka, Jong Ok * vol.34,No.4,1996 320-326
7 Identification and characterization of pH-regulated genes in saccharomyces cerevisiae Hong, Sung Ki · Choi, Eui Yul * vol.34,No.4,1996 327-333
8 Cloning and expression of pseudomonas cepacia catB gene in pseudomonas putida Song, Seung Yeon · Jung, Young Hee · Lee, Myeong Sok · Lee, Ki Sung¹ · Kim, Young Soo² · Kim, Chi Kyung² · Choi, Sang Ho³ · Min, Kyung Hee * vol.34,No.4,1996 334-340
9 Construction of genetically engineered miroorganisms for overexpression of xylE gene encoding catechol 2, 3-dioxygenase and the functional stability of the recombinant plasmid pSW3a containing xylE in aquatic environment Han, Hyo Yung · Kim, Chi Kyung¹ · Park, yong Keun² · Ka, Jong Ok² · Lee, Byeong Jae³ · Min, Kyung Hee * vol.34,No.4,1996 341-348
10 Cloning and expression in E. coli of the HOPDA hydrolase gene from pseudomonas sp. P 20 Lim, Jong Chul · Chae, Jong Chan · Kim, Hyong Bai² · Kim, Chi Kyung * vol.34,No.4,1996 349-354
11 Molecular cloning of the arginine biosynthetic genes from corynebacterium glutamicum Chun, Jae Yeon · Jung, Sam Il · Ko, Soon Young · Park, Mee Young · Kim, Soo Young · Lee, Heung Shickc² · Cheon, Choong Ill · Min, Kyung Hee · Lee, Myeong Sok * vol.34,No.4,1996 355-362
12 Emulsification of crude oil by acinetobacter sp. SH-14 Son, Hong Joo · Go, Sun Hee · Lee, Geon · Lee, Sang Joon * vol.34,No.4,1996 363-369
13 Characterization of bacillus thuringiensis isolates form soil in wonju area Yoo, Kwan Hee * · Kim, Soo Young · Kang, Min Ho · Cho, Myung Hwan · Lee, Hyung Hoan vol.34,No.4,1996 370-373
14 Stage-specific change and regulation of endogenous protein phosphorylation in allomyces macrogynus Park, Young Shik * · Oh, Keun Hee · Lee, Soo Woong · Seong, Chang Soo · Park, I Ha¹ · Yim, Jeong Bin¹ vol.34,No.4,1996 374-378
15 Production of a monoclonal antibody and ultrastructure of the sporozoite of cryptosporidium parvum Choi, Young Sook¹ · Lee, Sung Tae² · Cho, Myung Hwan * vol.34,No.4,1996 379-383
16 Culture characteristics of streptomyces spp. on improved polyacrylamide gel and agar media Han, Hong Ui * · Baek, Ji Ho · Yang, Moon vol.34,No.4,1996 384-386