Title Effect of initial pH and L-arginine on the composition of fatty acids of streptomyces viridochromogenes
Author Oh, Choong Hun * · Jung, Sang Oun · Pyee, Jae Ho¹ · Kim, Jae Heon²
Address Department of Microbiology, College of Natural Sciences, Dan-kook University, Cheon an; ¹Department of Molecular Biology, College of Sciences, Dan-kook Unicersity, Seoul; ²Research Center for Molecular Microbiology, Seoul National University
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 34(4),316-319, 1996,
Key Words Streptomyces viridochromogenes, fatty acids, pH, L-arginine
Abstract Mycelia of Streptomyces viridochromogenes grown under different pH were analysed for the fatty acid composition. The low relative proportion of 12-methyltetradecanoic acid and the high relative proportion of palmitic acid were characteristic for the young culture under slight acidic pH that caused delay of the aerial mycelium formation. The addition of L-arginine to the culture medium enabled an arginine auxotroph with bald phenotype to have the fatty acid composition similar to that of the wild type and to develop aerial mycelium. The ratio of 12-methyltetradecanoic acid to palmitic acid might be used as a parameter to explain the optimum growth in the respect of membrane fluidity.
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