Title Characterization of bacillus thuringiensis isolates form soil in wonju area
Author Yoo, Kwan Hee * · Kim, Soo Young · Kang, Min Ho · Cho, Myung Hwan · Lee, Hyung Hoan
Address Department of Biology, Sanggi University; Department of biologym Konkuk University
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 34(4),370-373, 1996,
Key Words B. thuringiensis, endotoxin, Culexpipiens, Bombyx mori
Abstract There strains (KW-1, KW-14, KW-15) of Bacillus thuringiensis were isolated from soil in Wonju area and characterized. The three strains produced parasporal inclusion bodies (crystals) and spores in their cells. The KW-1 strain produces spherical crystals. The crystals of strain KW-14 are bipyramidal crystal. The KW-15 strain harbors irregular crystals. Only minor biochemical characteristics of the three isolates were different and distinctive, however general characteristics were similar to the known serotypes of B. thuringiensis. Three strains were resistant to penicilin G, oxacillin and cephalothin. This strains were highly toxic to Bombyx mori larvae, but not to the Culex pipiens larvae.
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