Title Identification of Leuconostoc strains isolated from kimchi using carbon -source utilization patterns
Author Lee, Jung Sook · Chun, Chang Ouk · Hector, Martin · Kim, Sam Bong · Kim, hong Joong · Park, Bong Keun · Joo, Yun Jung¹ · Lee, Hun Joo¹ · Park, Chan Sun¹ · Ahn, Jong Seog¹ · Park, Yong Ha * · Mheen, Tae Ick¹
Address Koream Collection for Type Cultures, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, KIST; ¹Cellular Response Modifier Fesearch Unit, Korea Research Institute of bioscience and biotechnology, KIST
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 35(1),10-14, 1997,
Key Words Biolog GP microplate assay, Lactic acid bacteria
Abstract The database of metabolic fingerprints generated using the GIolog system of lactic acid bacteria isolated from kimchi, described by Lee et al. (8), was used for the identification of 75 Leuconostoc isolates. The test strains were isolated using a selective isolation medium specific for the genus Leuconostoc and examined for their ability to oxidize carbon sources using the Biology system. The results show that the 75 test strains were identified to the known Leuconostoce clusters. It is suggested that the Biolog system can be applied for rapid identification of lactic acid bacteria isolated from kimchi.
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