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1 Distribution of airborne microorganisms in yellow sands of Korea Choi, Dae Sung¹ * · Park, Yong Keun² · Oh, Sang Kon¹ · Yoon, Hee Ju¹ · Kim, Jee Cheon¹ · Seo, Won Jun¹ · Cha, Seung Hee¹ vol.35,No.1,1997 1-9
2 Identification of Leuconostoc strains isolated from kimchi using carbon -source utilization patterns Lee, Jung Sook · Chun, Chang Ouk · Hector, Martin · Kim, Sam Bong · Kim, hong Joong · Park, Bong Keun · Joo, Yun Jung¹ · Lee, Hun Joo¹ · Park, Chan Sun¹ · Ahn, Jong Seog¹ · Park, Yong Ha * · Mheen, Tae Ick¹ vol.35,No.1,1997 10-14
3 Catalytic mechanism and inhibition studies of purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) in micrococcus luteus Choi, Hye Seon vol.35,No.1,1997 15-20
4 Structure-antifungal activity relationships of cecropin a hybrid peptides against trichoderma sp. Shin, Song Yub · Lee, Dong Gun · Lee, Sung gu · Kim, Kil Lyong · Lee, Myung Kyu · Hahm, Kyung Soo * vol.35,No.1,1997 21-24
5 Reduction of hexavalent chromium by pseudomonas aeruginosa HP014 Oh, Young Sook · choi, Sung Chan vol.35,No.1,1997 25-29
6 Growth on methanol of a carboxydobacterium, acinetobacter sp. strain JC1 DSM 3803 Ro, Young Tae¹ · Seo, Jae Goo · Lee, Joo Hun · Kim, Dae Myung² · Chung, In Kwon · Kim, Tae Ue³ · Kim, Young Min * vol.35,No.1,1997 30-39
7 Nucleotide sequence analysis of a second set of the polyketide synthase β-ketoacyl synthase and chain length factor genes from the salinomycin-producing streptomyces albus Hyun, Chang Gu · Park, Kwan Hyung · Hutchinson, C. Richard¹ · Suh, Joo Won * vol.35,No.1,1997 40-46
8 Formation of humus-bound residues in the course of BTX biodegradation in soil Song, Hong Gyu vol.35,No.1,1997 47-52
9 Improvement of 4-chlorobiphenyl degradation bya recombinant strain, pseudomonas sp. DJ12-C Kim, Ji Young · Kim, Young Chang · Lim, Jai Yun · Lee, Ki Sung¹ · Ka, Jong Ok² · Min, Kyung Hee² · Kim, Chi Kyung * vol.35,No.1,1997 53-60
10 Novel strategy for isolating suppressors of meiosis-deficient mutants and its application for isolating the bcy1 suppressor Shin, Deug Yong * · Yun, Jean Ho · Yoo, Hyang Sook¹ vol.35,No.1,1997 61-65
11 Biodegradation of aromatic hydrocarbons by several white-rot fungi Song, Hong Gyu vol.35,No.1,1997 66-71
12 Oligomerization of the substitution mutants of autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis Virus (AcNPV) gp64 glycoprotein Kim, Ki Nam · Poo, Ha Ryoung · Yang, Jai Myung * vol.35,No.1,1997 72-77