Title Growth on methanol of a carboxydobacterium, acinetobacter sp. strain JC1 DSM 3803
Author Ro, Young Tae¹ · Seo, Jae Goo · Lee, Joo Hun · Kim, Dae Myung² · Chung, In Kwon · Kim, Tae Ue³ · Kim, Young Min *
Address Department of Biology, College of Science, Yonsei University; ²Department of Genetic Engineering, Chungjoo University; ³Department of Medical Technology, College of Health Science, Yonsei University
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 35(1),30-39, 1997,
Key Words Carbon monoxide, methanol, carboxydobacteria, Acinetobacter sp. JC1, catalase, peroxidase
Abstract Acinetobacter sp. strain JC1 DSM 3803, a carboxydobacterium, was found to grow methylotrophically at the expense of methanol and methlamine, but not of methane, formaldehyde, formate, dimethylamine, or trimethylamine, as the sole source of carbon and energy. The doubling times of the bacterium growing on methanol (0.5% v/v) and methylamine (0.5% w/v) at 30℃ and pH 6.8 were 4.8 h and 5.7 h respectively. Cells grown on methanol, however, failed to show typical methanol dehydrogenase and oxidase activities. The cell was found to contain no c-type cytochromes. Cells grown on methanol exhibited higher catalase activity than those grown on pyruvate or glucose. The catalase present in the cells also exhibited peroxidase activity. The catalase activity, growth on methanol of the cell, and oxygen consumption by methanol-grown maldehyde dehydrogenase, formaldehyde reductase, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, and 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase activities were detected from cells grown on methanol.
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