Title Paralcaligenes ureilyticus gen. nov., sp. nov. Isolated from Soil of a Korean Ginseng Field
Author Soo-Jin Kim1, Seung-Hee Yoo1, Hang-Yeon Weon1, Yi-Seul Kim1, Rangasamy Anandham2, Jang-Sun Suh1, and Soon-Wo Kwon1*
Address 1Korean Agricultural Culture Collection (KACC), Agricultural Microbiology Team, National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration, Suwon 441-707, Republic of Korea, 2Department of Agricultural Microbiology, Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai, India
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 49(3),502-507, 2011,
Key Words Paralcaligenes ureilyticus, 16S rRNA gene sequence, taxonomy
Abstract A bacterial strain, designated GR24-5T, was isolated from soil cultivated with Korean ginseng. Cells were Gram-negative, strictly aerobic, catalase- and oxidase-positive, non-spore-forming motile rods. Based on the 16S rRNA gene sequence, strain GR24-5T could be assigned to the family Alcaligenaceae. Strain GR24-5T showed the highest sequence similarities with Parapusillimonas granuli Ch07T (97.1%), Pusillimonas noertemannii BN9T (96.9%), Pigmentiphaga kullae DSM 13608T (96.5%), and Castellaniella defragrans 54PinT (96.3%). Strain GR24-5T demonstrated a low DNA-DNA relatedness (23%) with P. granuli Ch07T. The major respiratory quinone is ubiquinone 8 (Q-8) and the major fatty acids are C16:0, C17:0 cyclo, and summed feature 1 (C14:03-OH/iso-C16:1 I/C12:0 alde). Putrescine, spermidine, and 2-hydroxyputrescine are the major polyamines. The major polar lipids are phosphatidylmethylethanolamine, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylglycerol, diphosphatidylglycerol, and an unknown aminophospholipid. Polar lipid patterns of strain GR24-5T were unique in having a large amount of phosphatidylmethylethanolamine. Based on phylogenetic analysis and physiological and biochemical characteristics, strain GR245T represents a novel genus and species, for which the name Paralcaligenes ureilyticus gen. nov., sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain of P. aralcaligenes ureilyticus is GR24-5T (=KACC 13888T =DSM 24591T).