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1 REVIEW] Transcriptional Regulatory Elements in Fungal Secondary Metabolism Wenbing Yin1 and Nancy P. Keller1,2* vol.49,No.3,2011 329-339
2 Analyses of Bacterial Communities in Meju, a Korean Traditional Fermented Soybean Bricks, by Cultivation-Based and Pyrosequencing Methods Yi-Seul Kim1, Min-Cheol Kim2, Soon-Wo Kwon1, Soo-Jin Kim1, In-Cheol Park1, Jong-Ok Ka3, and Hang-Yeon Weon1* vol.49,No.3,2011 340-348
3 Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity against Salmonella Enteritidis Gaëlle Legendre*, Fabienne Faÿ, Isabelle Linossier, and Karine Vallée-Réhel vol.49,No.3,2011 349-354
4 Cultured Bacterial Diversity and Human Impact on Alpine Glacier Cryoconite Yung Mi Lee1, So-Yeon Kim2, Jia Jung2, Eun Hye Kim1, Kyeung Hee Cho1, Franz Schinner3, Rosa Margesin3, Soon Gyu Hong1, and Hong Kum Lee1* vol.49,No.3,2011 355-362
5 Molecular Analysis of a Prolonged Spread of Klebsiella pneumoniae Co-producing DHA-1 and SHV-12 β-Lactamases Young Kyung Yoon1,2, Hye Won Cheong3, Hyunjoo Pai4, Kyoung Ho Roh5, Jeong Yeon Kim1, Dae Won Park1,2, Jang Wook Sohn1,2, Seung Eun Lee6, Byung Chul Chun7, Hee Sun Sim2, and Min Ja Kim1,2,6* vol.49,No.3,2011 363-368
6 The Impacts of Excessive Nitrogen Additions on Enzyme Activities and Nutrient Leaching in Two Contrasting Forest Soils Haryun Kim1 and Hojeong Kang2* vol.49,No.3,2011 369-375
7 Biochemical Analysis of a Fibrinolytic Enzyme Purified from Bacillus subtilis Strain A1 Won Sik Yeo1, Min Jeong Seo2, Min Jeong Kim1, Hye Hyeon Lee1, Byoung Won Kang2, Jeong Uck Park2, Yung Hyun Choi3, and Yong Kee Jeong1,2* vol.49,No.3,2011 376-380
8 Shewanella upenei sp. nov., a Lipolytic Bacterium Isolated from Bensasi Goatfish Upeneus bensasi Kyung-Kil Kim1, Young-Ok Kim1, Sooyeon Park2, So-Jung Kang2, Bo-Hye Nam1, Doo Nam Kim3, Tae-Kwang Oh2, and Jung-Hoon Yoon2* vol.49,No.3,2011 381-386
9 Flavobacterium koreense sp. nov., Flavobacterium chungnamense sp. nov., and Flavobacterium cheonanense sp. nov., Isolated from a Freshwater Reservoir Siwon Lee1, Hang-Yeon Weon2, Soo-Jin Kim2, and Tae-Young Ahn1* vol.49,No.3,2011 387-392
10 Mucilaginibacter composti sp. nov., with Ginsenoside Converting Activity, Isolated from Compost Chang-Hao Cui1, Tae-Eun Choi1, Hongshan Yu2, Fengxie Jin2, Sung-Taik Lee1, Sun-Chang Kim1,3, and Wan-Taek Im1,3* vol.49,No.3,2011 393-398
11 Molecular Cloning, Purification, and Characterization of a Superoxide Dismutase from a Fast-Growing Mycobacterium sp. Strain JC1 DSM 3803 Ji-Sun Nam1, Jee-Hyun Yoon1, Hyun-Il Lee1, Si Wouk Kim2, and Young-Tae Ro1* vol.49,No.3,2011 399-406
12 Biochemical Characteristization of Propionyl-Coenzyme A Carboxylase Complex of Streptomyces toxytricini Atanas V. Demirev, Anamika Khanal, Nguyen Phan Kieu Hanh, Kyung Tae Nam, and Doo Hyun Nam* vol.49,No.3,2011 407-412
13 Genotypic and Phenotypic Characteristics of Tunisian Isoniazid-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains Alya Soudani1* Sondess Hadjfredj2, Meriem Zribi1, Feriel Messaadi3, Taieb Messaoud2, Afef Masmoudi1, Mohamed Zribi3, and Chedlia Fendri1 vol.49,No.3,2011 413-417
14 The MpkB MAP Kinase Plays a Role in Post-karyogamy Processes as well as in Hyphal Anastomosis During Sexual Development in Aspergillus nidulans Sang-Cheol Jun1, Sei-Jin Lee2, Hyun-Joo Park1, Ji-Young Kang1, Young-Eun Leem1, Tae-Ho Yang1, Mi-Hee Chang1, Jung-Mi Kim1, Seung-Hwan Jang1, Hwan-Gyu Kim1, Dong-Min Han3, Keon-Sang Chae1, and Kwang-Yeop Jahng1* vol.49,No.3,2011 418-430
15 Identification of the Genes Involved in 1-Deoxynojirimycin Synthesis in Bacillus subtilis MORI 3K-85 Kyung-Don Kang1, Yong Seok Cho1,2, Ji Hye Song3,4, Young Shik Park1, Jae Yeon Lee1, Kyo Yeol Hwang1, Sang Ki Rhee4, Ji Hyung Chung5, Ohsuk Kwon3,6*, and Su-Il Seong1,2* vol.49,No.3,2011 431-440
16 Sulfolipid Accumulation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Disrupted in the mce2 Operon Olivera Marjanovic1*, Anthony T. Iavarone2, and Lee W. Riley1 vol.49,No.3,2011 441-447
17 Epidemiological Features and Resistance Pattern in Uropathogens Isolated from Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis Tommaso Cai1*, Sandra Mazzoli2, Francesca Meacci2, Vieri Boddi3, Nicola Mondaini4, Gianni Malossini1, and Riccardo Bartoletti4 vol.49,No.3,2011 448-454
18 Purification and Partial Characterization of a Detergent and Oxidizing Agent Stable Alkaline Protease from a Newly Isolated Bacillus subtilis VSG-4 of Tropical Soil Sib Sankar Giri1*, V. Sukumaran1, Shib Sankar Sen2, M. Oviya1, B. Nazeema Banu1, and Prasant Kumar Jena3 vol.49,No.3,2011 455-461
19 Predicting Genetic Traits and Epitope Analysis of apxIVA in Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae Min-Kyoung Shin, Seung-Bin Cha, Won-Jung Lee, and Han Sang Yoo* vol.49,No.3,2011 462-468
20 High Efficiency Transformation by Electroporation of Yarrowia lipolytica Jia-Hung Wang, Wenpin Hung, and Shu-Hsien Tsai* vol.49,No.3,2011 469-472
21 Isolation and Characterization of a Reducing Polyketide Synthase Gene from the Lichen-Forming Fungus Usnea longissima Yi Wang, Jung A Kim, Yong Hwa Cheong, Yogesh Joshi, Young Jin Koh, and Jae-Seoun Hur* vol.49,No.3,2011 473-480
22 Complementation System for Helicobacter pylori Jinmoon Kim1, Sung-Whan Kim1, Sungil Jang1, D. Scott Merrell2, and Jeong-Heon Cha1* vol.49,No.3,2011 481-486
23 Ruminococcus faecis sp. nov., Isolated from Human Faeces Min-Soo Kim, Seong Woon Roh, and Jin-Woo Bae* vol.49,No.3,2011 487-491
24 Diversity of Bovine Rumen Methanogens In Vitro in the Presence of Condensed Tannins, as Determined by Sequence Analysis of 16S rRNA Gene Library Hui Yin Tan1, Chin Chin Sieo1,2, Chin Mei Lee1, Norhani Abdullah1,2, Juan Boo Liang1, and Yin Wan Ho1* vol.49,No.3,2011 492-498
25 A Modified Immunoblot Method to Identify Substrates of Protein Kinases Choong-Min Kang1*, Wan Jin Jahng2, Robert N. Husson3, and Sang Hee Lee4* vol.49,No.3,2011 499-501
26 Paralcaligenes ureilyticus gen. nov., sp. nov. Isolated from Soil of a Korean Ginseng Field Soo-Jin Kim1, Seung-Hee Yoo1, Hang-Yeon Weon1, Yi-Seul Kim1, Rangasamy Anandham2, Jang-Sun Suh1, and Soon-Wo Kwon1* vol.49,No.3,2011 502-507
27 RNase G Participates in Processing of the 5′-end of 23S Ribosomal RNA Woo-Seok Song, Minho Lee, and Kangseok Lee* vol.49,No.3,2011 508-511
28 Providencia Isolates Carrying blaPER-1 and blaVIM-2 Genes: Biofilm-Forming Capacity and Biofilm Inhibitory Concentrations for Carbapenem Antibiotics Jungmin Kim, Shukho Kim, Hee Woo Lee, Sung Min Kim, and Sung Yong Seol* vol.49,No.3,2011 512-515
29 Packaging of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Replicon RNA by a Stable Cell Line Expressing Its Nucleocapsid Protein Byung-Hak Song1, Jeong-Min Kim1, Jin-Kyoung Kim1, Han-Saem Jang1, Gil-Nam Yun1, Eun-Jin Choi2, Jae-Young Song2, Sang-Im Yun1, and Young-Min Lee1* vol.49,No.3,2011 516-523