Title 컬럼 크로마토그라피에 의한 아스퍼질러스 계통의 α-아미라제 및 프로테아제의 결정화 2
Author 서항원
Address 태평양화학공업주식회사 효소생산과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 10(2),69-72, 1972
Key Words Crystallization of α-amylase and proteasse of Asp. oryzae from Column Chromatography (II); The Physical properties of acid protease produced by Asp. oryzae S.H.W.131
Abstract The studies of neutral protease which was obtained by passing through Sephadex A-50 had been reported not long ago. Since that time the author also conducted the research to be investigated the physical properties of acid protease absorbed by Sephadex A-50. The results are summarized as follows: 1) Cultivating Aspergillus oryza SHW-131 on a wheat bran medium, the acid protease including neutral protease is very sensitive for temperature. 3) Activity of acid protease is very sensitive for temperature. 3) This enzyme was proved, what is called, to be a sort of weak acid protease. It's optimum pH was lied in about 4.5. 4) A range of pH for stability is far more narrow than any other protease. 5) The acid protease is dropped by EDTA solution in its activity.
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