Title 잠실내에 있어서 병원성 Aspergilli에 대한 Aerosol의 살균효과
Author 김충흠 * · 사기언 ** · 한계용 **
Address * 영일화학공업주식회사 연구소; ** 서울시립 농과대학
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 8(4),173-177, 1970
Key Words Studies on fungicidal effectiveness of aerosol for pathogenic aspergilli
Abstract In this study the effect of aerosol for the control of the parasitic Aspergilli in the sericultural room was investigated. The results obtained are summarized as follows : 1) The aerosol of PPS-A and PPS-B were quite effective for the control of parasitic Aspergilli in the room of sericulture, while the solution of formalin and chlor kalk, on the other hand, were inconclusive. 2) The activities of the aerosol of PPS-A and PPS-B are more effective when it is applied on the upper part of the room than the lower.
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