Title Chlorella익 비성장율에 미치는 유효인산량과 그 이론적 분석
Author 이주식 · 장남기 · 이태우
Address 서울대학교 사범대학 생물과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 5(1),34-38, 1967
Key Words Theoretical analysis on the correlation between the amount of available phosphorus and the growth rate of Chlorella ellipsoidea.
Abstract Theoretical analysis reported in this paper is on the varities of the growth rate of Chlorella ellipsoidea due to the amount of available phosphorus for the purpose of the continual mass culture. Available phosphorus in the culture media of the Chlorella was also estimated at a limiting factor as this experiment. The equation between the concentration of Chlorella n and growth period t is dn/dt=Kn, and the functional relation between the Specific growth rate K and steady state period T is the following: K=2.303/T log n/n_0 (n_0=initial concentration).
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