No Title Author Volume Page
1 Restriction pattern of the nucleic acid of Synechococcus sp. cyanophage Park, Jong Geun¹ · Kim, Min¹ · Choi, Yong Keel¹'² * · Yoon, Sung Nyu² vol.34,No.1,1996 1-6
2 Analysis of fusogenic activity of autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcNPV) gp64 envelope glycoprotein Kim, Hee Jin · Yang, Jai Myung * vol.34,No.1,1996 7-14
3 Characterization of promotor sequences for strong expression of groEx IN Escherichia coli. Lee, Jung E. · Lim, Ssang T. · Aha, Tae I. vol.34,No.1,1996 15-22
4 Quantitative analysis of gene expression pattern in aspergillus nidulans mycelia by sequencing of 3'-directed cDNA clones Park, Yoon Dong · Lee, Dong Whan · Lee, Seog Jae¹ · Kim, Jong Hwa² · Chae, Keon Sang * vol.34,No.1,1996 23-29
5 DNA Replication is not Required in Re-establishment of HMRE Silencer Function at the HSP82 Yeast Heat Shock Locus Lee, See Woo * · Gross, David S.¹ vol.34,No.1,1996 30-36
6 Phylogenetic analysis of pleurotus species based on the nuclear SSU rRNA sequences Jeong, Jae Hoon · Kim, Eun Kyoung · Roe, Jung Hye * vol.34,No.1,1996 37-39
7 Role of chromatin structure in HMRE mediated transcriptional repression of the HSP82 heat shock gene Lee, See Woo * · Gross, Davis S.¹ vol.34,No.1,1996 40-48
8 Effects of K^+ lon on in vitro RNA splicing of T4 phage thymidylate synthase gene Sung, Jung Suk · Park, In Kook * vol.34,No.1,1996 49-53
9 Reorganization of chromatin conformation from an active to an inactive state after cessation of transcription Lee, Myeong Sok vol.34,No.1,1996 54-60
10 Infectious RNA viruses in the edible mushroom pleurotus spp Park, Jeong Soo · Kim, Young Ho * vol.34,No.1,1996 61-67
11 Cloning and mulecular characterization of a nprX gene of bacillus subtilis NS15-4 encoding a neutral protease Lee, Seung Hwan · Yoon, Ki Hong² · Nam, Hee Sop³ · Oh, Tae Kwang² · Lee, Seog Jae¹ · Chae, Keon Sang * vol.34,No.1,1996 68-73
12 Construction of secretion vectors using the α-amylase signal sequence of bacillus subtilis NA64 Kim, Sung Il · Lee, Se Yong * vol.34,No.1,1996 74-81
13 Purification and characterization of purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) in micrococcus luteus Choi, Hye Seon * vol.34,No.1,1996 82-89
14 Purification of carbosymethyl cellulase from hybrid between aspergillus niger and penicillium verruculosum Yang, Young Ki * · Lee, Jung Sup · Park, Hyung Nam · Moon, Myung Nim · Kim, Hong Sub¹ · Kim, Jong Se¹ · Lim, Chae Young · Rhee, Young Ha² vol.34,No.1,1996 90-94
15 Degradation of collagens, immunoglobulins, and other serum proteins by protease of salmonella schottmulleri and its toxicity to cultured cells Na, Byoung Kuk · Kim, Moon Bo¹ · Song, Chul Yong * vol.34,No.1,1996 95-100
16 Effect of culture parameters on the decolorization of remazol brilliant blue R by pleurotus ostreatus Kim, Bok Sun · Ryu, Seong Joo · Shin, Kwang Soo * vol.34,No.1,1996 101-104