No Title Author Volume Page
1 Biomass and Productivity of Bacterioplankton Related to Surface Water Divergence in the Northeast Equatorial Pacific Ocean Hyun, Jung Ho¹ * · Choi, Joong Ki² · Yang, Eun Jin² · Kim, Kyeong Kong¹ vol.36,No.3,1998 151-158
2 Adaptaion of Azomonas agilis PY101 Exposed to Cadmium vua Production of Cadmium-Binding Pigment Promoted by Cd^2+ You, Kyung Man¹ · Park, Yong Keun¹'² * vol.36,No.3,1998 159-163
3 Purification and Characterization of Dehydroascorbate Reductase from Pleurotus ostreatus Kim, Yeon Ran · Kang, Sa Ouk * vol.36,No.3,1998 164-170
4 Response of CuZnSOD and HP1 conjugated gene in Escherichia coli double mutants to oxidative stress Park, Hye Young · Kim, Young Gon * vol.36,No.3,1998 171-178
5 Morphological changes of biomembranes by amphiphilic basic peptides mastoparan B and 4₃ Park, Nam Gyu · Kim, Chan Hee · Chung, Joon Ki¹ · Huh, Min Do¹ · Park, Jang Su² · Kang, Shin Won² * vol.36,No.3,1998 179-183
6 rpoS mutation relieves biosynthesis of flagella in hns mutants of salmonella typhimurium UK1 Cho, Mi Ook · Bang, Ile Soo · Hong, Seong Karp¹ · Bang, Seong Ho¹ · Park, Yong Keun * vol.36,No.3,1998 184-188
7 Characterization of an Attenuated Japanese Encephalitis Virus Adapted to African Green Nomkey Kidney Cells, Vero Chung, Yong Ju · Hong, Sun Pyo · Moon, Sang Beom · Shin, Young Cheol · Kim, Soo Ok * vol.36,No.3,1998 189-195
8 Factors affecting pheromone induction of schizosaccharomyces pomba and isolation of pheromone induction mutants Jun, Jai Hyun · Kim, Young Min¹ · Lee, Joo Hun¹ · Chung, In Kwon¹ · Kim, Dae Myung * vol.36,No.3,1998 196-202
9 Phylofenetic relationships of Amanita species based on ITS1-5.8S rDNA-ITS2 region sequences Lim, Young Woon · Jung, Hack Sung * vol.36,No.3,1998 203-207
10 Identification of Critical Amino Acids in the Core RNA Polynerase Binding Region of Yease Mtflp Yang, Jae Sub · Jang, Sei Heon vol.36,No.3,1998 208-213
11 cDNA cloning and expresion of human rotavirus outer capsid protein VP4 Kang, Seok W. · Yang, Jai M. * vol.36,No.3,1998 214-221
12 The invariant region I sequence of the adenovirus serotype 2 DNA polymerase influences template specificity during DNA synthesis Houng, In Sil vol.36,No.3,1998 222-230