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1 Genomics Reveals Traces of Fungal Phenylpropanoid-flavonoid Metabolic Pathway in the F ilamentous Fungus Aspergillus oryzae Praveen Rao Juvvadi, Yasuyo Seshime, and Katsuhiko Kitamoto* vol.43,No.6,2005 475-486
2 Degradation of Crystalline Cellulose by the Brown-rot Basidiomycete Fomitopsis palustris Jeong-Jun Yoon* and Young-Kyoon Kim vol.43,No.6,2005 487-492
3 Safety Assessment of Potential Lactic Acid Bacteria Bifidobacterium longum SPM1205 Isolated from Healthy Koreans Sung Sook Choi1, Byung Yong Kang2, Myung Jun Chung3, Soo Dong Kim3, So Hee Park4, Jung Soo Kim4, Chin Yang Kang4, and Nam Joo Ha4,* vol.43,No.6,2005 493-498
4 Characterization of Methylophaga sp. strain SK1 Cytochrome cL Expressed in Escherichia coli Hee Gon Kim1, Trong Nhat Phan1, Tae Sa Jang2, Moonjoo Koh3, and Si Wouk Kim4,* vol.43,No.6,2005 499-502
5 Purification and Characterization of Manganese Peroxidase of the White-Rot Fungus Irpex lacteus Kwang-Soo Shin1,*, Young Hwan Kim2, and Jong-Soon Lim3 vol.43,No.6,2005 503-509
6 Gibberellins-Producing Rhizobacteria Increase Endogenous Gibberellins Content and Promote Growth of Red Peppers Gil-Jae Joo1, Young-Mog Kim1, Jung-Tae Kim2, In-Koo Rhee3, Jin-Ho Kim4, and In-Jung Lee2,* vol.43,No.6,2005 510-515
7 Role of RNA Polymerase II Carboxy Terminal Domain Phosphorylation in DNA Damage Response Su-Jin Jeong, Hye-Jin Kim, Yong-Jin Yang, Ja-Hwan Seol, Bo-Young Jung, Jeong-Whan Han, Hyang-Woo Lee, and Eun-Jung Cho vol.43,No.6,2005 516-522
8 Screening of Growth- or Development-related Genes by Using Genomic Library with Inducible Promoter in Aspergillus nidulans Bang-Yong Lee1, Sang-Yong Han1, Han Gil Choi1, Jee Hyun Kim2, Kap-Hoon Han3, and Dong-Min Han2,* vol.43,No.6,2005 523-528
9 Hepatitis C Virus Non-structural Protein NS4B Can Modulate an Unfolded Protein Response Yi Zheng, Bo Gao, Li Ye, Lingbao Kong, Wei Jing, Xiaojun Yang, Zhenghui Wu, and Linbai Ye* vol.43,No.6,2005 529-536
10 Analysis of Immune Responses Against Nucleocapsid Protein of the Hantaan Virus Elicited by Virus Infection or DNA Vaccination Gyu-Jin Woo1,2,*, Eun-Young Chun1, Keun Hee Kim1, and Wankee Kim2 vol.43,No.6,2005 537-545
11 Molecular Epidemiological Analysis of Bloodstream Isolates of Candida albicans from a University Hospital over a Five-Year Period Jong Hee Shin*, Yu Gyung Og, Duck Cho, Seung Jung Kee, Myung Geun Shin, Soon Pal Suh, and Dong Wook Ryang vol.43,No.6,2005 546-554
12 Purification and Characterization of Laccase from the White Rot Fungus Trametes versicolor Moon-Jeong Han, Hyoung-Tae Choi, and Hong-Gyu Song* vol.43,No.6,2005 555-560
13 Production of Saccharogenic and Dextrinogenic Amylases by Rhizomucor pusillus A 13.36 Tony M. Silva1, Derlene Attili-Angelis2, Ana Flavia Azevedo Carvalho1, Roberto Da Silva1, Mauricio Boscolo3, and Eleni Gomes1,* vol.43,No.6,2005 561-568
14 Cloning of a Manganese Peroxidase cDNA Gene Repressed by Manganese in Trametes versicolor

Yongho Kim, Sumin Yeo, Joohee Kum, Hong-Gyu Song, and Hyoung T. Choi*

vol.43,No.6,2005 569-571
15 Molecular Detection of Catabolic Genes for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Reed Rhizosphere of Sunchon Bay Hyung-Yeel Kahng* and Kye-Heon Oh1 vol.43,No.6,2005 572-576