No Title Author Volume Page
1 EDITORIAL] Molecular Microbiology in Antibacterial Research You-Hee Cho vol.52,No.3,2014 185-187
2 REVIEW] Mechanisms of Synergy in Polymicrobial Infections Justine L. Murray, Jodi L. Connell, Apollo Stacy, Keith H. Turner*, and Marvin Whiteley* vol.52,No.3,2014 188-199
3 REVIEW] Enterococcus Infection Biology: Lessons from Invertebrate Host Models Grace J. Yuen1,2 and Frederick M. Ausubel1,3* vol.52,No.3,2014 200-210
4 REVIEW] Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Evaluation From Clinical, Immunological and Bacterial Pathogenesis Perspectives Daniel J. Hassett1,2*, Michael T. Borchers2,3, and Ralph J. Panos2 vol.52,No.3,2014 211-226
5 REVIEW] Perturbation of Pulmonary Immune Functions by Carbon Nanotubes and Susceptibility to Microbial Infection Brent E. Walling and Gee W. Lau* vol.52,No.3,2014 227-234
6 REVIEW] When a Virus is not a Parasite: The Beneficial Effects of Prophages Joseph Bondy-Denomy and Alan R. Davidson* vol.52,No.3,2014 235-242
7 REVIEW] Phage Lysis: Three Steps, Three Choices, One Outcome Ryland Young vol.52,No.3,2014 243-258