No Title Author Volume Page
1 Replicating poxviruses for human cancer therapy Manbok Kim vol.53,No.4,2015 209-218
2 New record and enzyme activity of four species in Penicillium section Citrina from marine environments in Korea Myung Soo Park, Ji Eun Eom, Jonathan J. Fong, and Young Woon Lim* vol.53,No.4,2015 219-225
3 Multiple cellular roles of Neurospora crassa plc-1, splA2, and cpe-1 in regulation of cytosolic free calcium, carotenoid accumulation, stress responses, and acquisition of thermotolerance§ Ananya Barman and Ranjan Tamuli* vol.53,No.4,2015 226-235
4 Trichoderma reesei Sch9 and Yak1 regulate vegetative growth, conidiation, and stress response and induced cellulase production Xinxing Lv†, Weixin Zhang†, Guanjun Chen, and Weifeng Liu* vol.53,No.4,2015 236-242
5 Multiple roles of a putative vacuolar protein sorting associated protein 74, FgVPS74, in the cereal pathogen Fusarium graminearum Hee-Kyoung Kim1, Ki Woo Kim2, and Sung-Hwan Yun1* vol.53,No.4,2015 243-249
6 Effect of promoter-upstream sequence on σ38-dependent stationary phase gene transcription Hyung-Ju Lim, Kwangsoo Kim, Minsang Shin, Jae-Ho Jeong, Phil Youl Ryu, and Hyon E. Choy* vol.53,No.4,2015 250-255
7 Functional analysis of Vibrio vulnificus RND efflux pumps homologous to Vibrio cholerae VexAB and VexCD, and to Escherichia coli AcrAB Seunghwa Lee1†, Ji-Hyun Yeom1†, Sojin Seo1, Minho Lee1, Sarang Kim2, Jeehyeon Bae2*, Kangseok Lee1*, and Jihwan Hwang3* vol.53,No.4,2015 256-261
8 Spectral characterization of a pteridine derivative from cyanide-utilizing bacterium Bacillus subtilis - JN989651 S. Durairaju Nisshanthini1, Antony K. Teresa Infanta S.1, Duraisamy Senthil Raja2, Karuppannan Natarajan3, M. Palaniswamy4, and Jayaraman Angayarkanni1* vol.53,No.4,2015 262-271
9 Statistical experimental design optimization of rhamsan gum production by Sphingomonas sp. CGMCC 6833 Xiao-Ying Xu1,2, Shu-Hao Dong2, Sha Li1, Xiao-Ye Chen2, Ding Wu1, and Hong Xu2* vol.53,No.4,2015 272-278
10 Directed analysis of cyanobacterial membrane phosphoproteome using stained phosphoproteins and titanium-enriched phosphopeptides§ Dong-Gi Lee1, Joseph Kwon1, Chi-Yong Eom2, Young-Moon Kang3, Seong Woon Roh1, Kyung-Bok Lee1, and Jong-Soon Choi1,3* vol.53,No.4,2015 279-287
11 From the traditional Chinese medicine plant Schisandra chinensis new scaffolds effective on HIV-1 reverse transcriptase resistant to non-nucleoside inhibitors Lijia Xu1, Nicole Grandi2, Claudia Del Vecchio3, Daniela Mandas2, Angela Corona2, Dario Piano2, Francesca Esposito2*, Cristina Parolin3, and Enzo Tramontano2 vol.53,No.4,2015 288-293