No Title Author Volume Page
1 MINIREVIEW] Multilayered regulations of RIG-I in the anti-viral signaling pathway Nari Kim*, Hesung Now, Nhung T.H. Nguyen, and Joo-Yeon Yoo* vol.54,No.9,2016 583-587
2 Gracilibacillus kimchii sp. nov., a halophilic bacterium isolated from kimchi§ Young Joon Oh1†, Hae-Won Lee2†, Seul Ki Lim1, Min-Sung Kwon1, Jieun Lee1, Ja-Young Jang1, Hae Woong Park3, Young-Do Nam4, Myung-Ji Seo5, and Hak-Jong Choi1* vol.54,No.9,2016 588-593
3 Intestinal Lactobacillus community structure and its correlation with diet of Southern Chinese elderly subjects§ Yuanyuan Pan1,2, Da-Wen Sun1,2,3*, and Quanyang Li4* vol.54,No.9,2016 594-601
4 Cr(VI) removal from aqueous solution by thermophilic denitrifying bacterium Chelatococcus daeguensis TAD1 in the presence of single and multiple heavy metals Han Li1, Shaobin Huang1,2*, and Yongqing Zhang1 vol.54,No.9,2016 602-610
5 Long-term organic-inorganic fertilization ensures great soil productivity and bacterial diversity after natural-to-agricultural ecosystem conversion Weibing Xun1,2†, Zhihui Xu1†, Wei Li1, Yi Ren1, Ting Huang3, Wei Ran1, Boren Wang4, Qirong Shen1, and Ruifu Zhang1,2* vol.54,No.9,2016 611-617
6 Application of high-resolution melting analysis for differentiation of spoilage yeasts Mine Erdem1, Zülal Kesmen1*, Esra Özbekar1, Bülent Çetin2, and Hasan Yetim1 vol.54,No.9,2016 618-625
7 Molecular characterization of SCO0765 as a cellotriose releasing endo-β-1,4-cellulase from Streptomyces coelicolor A(3) Joo-Bin Hong1, Vijayalakshmi Dhakshnamoorthy2, and Chang-Ro Lee2* vol.54,No.9,2016 626-631
8 D-Galactose as an autoinducer 2 inhibitor to control the biofilm formation of periodontopathogens Eun-Ju Ryu1, Jaehyun Sim1, Jun Sim2, Julian Lee2, and Bong-Kyu Choi1,3* vol.54,No.9,2016 632-637