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1 MINIREVIEW] Dengue and Zika viruses: lessons learned from the similarities between these Aedes mosquito-vectored arboviruses San Suwanmanee and Natthanej Luplertlop* vol.55,No.2,2017 81-89
2 Cyclobacterium sediminis sp. nov. isolated from a sea cucumber aquaculture farm and emended description of the genus Cyclobacterium Seyeon Shin1 and Hyung-Yeel Kahng1,2* vol.55,No.2,2017 90-95
3 Candida krusei isolated from fruit juices ultrafiltration membranes promotes colonization of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella enterica on stainless steel surfaces María Clara Tarifa1, Jorge Enrique Lozano1, and Lorena Inés Brugnoni2* vol.55,No.2,2017 96-103
4 Optimization of Enterobacter cloacae (KU923381) for diesel oil degradation using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) Sugumar Ramasamy, Arumugam Arumugam, and Preethy Chandran* vol.55,No.2,2017 104-111
5 The protein and neutral lipid composition of lipid droplets isolated from the fission yeast, Schizosaccharomyces pombe Alex Meyers1, Karuna Chourey2, Taylor M. Weiskittel1, Susan Pfiffner3, John R. Dunlap3,4, Robert L. Hettich2, and Paul Dalhaimer1,3,5* vol.55,No.2,2017 112-122
6 HST1 increases replicative lifespan of a sir2Δ mutant in the absence of PDE2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Woo Kyu Kang, Mayur Devare, and Jeong-Yoon Kim* vol.55,No.2,2017 123-129
7 Contribution of EmrAB efflux pumps to colistin resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii Ming-Feng Lin1, Yun-You Lin2, and Chung-Yu Lan2,3* vol.55,No.2,2017 130-136
8 Oxidative stress response of Deinococcus geothermalis via a cystine importer Minwook Kim1, Sunwook Jeong2, Sangyong Lim2, Jeonggu Sim3, Ho-Gun Rhie1, and Sung-Jae Lee1,4* vol.55,No.2,2017 137-146
9 Heterologous expression and enzymatic characterization of γ-glutamyltranspeptidase from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Jung-Min Lee1, Jaejung Lee1,2, Gyeong-Hwa Nam1, Byung-Sam Son1, Myoung-Uoon Jang1, So-Won Lee2, Byung-Serk Hurh2, and Tae-Jip Kim1* vol.55,No.2,2017 147-152
10 Phenotypic and genotypic correlates of daptomycin-resistant methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus clinical isolates Kyoung-Mi Kang1, Nagendra N. Mishra2,3, Kun Taek Park4, Gi-Yong Lee1, Yong Ho Park4, Arnold S. Bayer2,3, and Soo-Jin Yang1* vol.55,No.2,2017 153-159
11 Erratum] Inhibitory effects of bee venom and its components against viruses in vitro and in vivo Md Bashir Uddin1,2, Byeong-Hoon Lee1, Chamilani Nikapitiya1, Jae-Hoon Kim1, Tae-Hwan Kim1, Hyun-Cheol Lee1, Choul Goo Kim3, Jong-Soo Lee1*, and Chul-Joong Kim1* vol.55,No.2,2017 160