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1 [MINIREVIEW] Probiotics in human health and disease: from nutribiotics to pharmabiotics Eun-Sook Lee1, Eun-Ji Song1,2, Young-Do Nam1,2, and So-Young Lee2,3* vol.56,No.11,2018 773–782
2 Roseovarius tibetensis sp. nov., a halophilic bacterium isolated from Lake LongmuCo on Tibetan Plateau Hui-bin Lu1,2, Xiao-feng Xue3, Dorji Phurbu4, Peng Xing1*, and Qing-long Wu1,5 vol.56,No.11,2018 783–789
3 Circular pellicles formed by Pseudomonas alkylphenolica KL28 are a sophisticated architecture principally designed by matrix substance Myeong Mi Song1, Yaligara Veeranagouda1,2, Munkhtsatsral Ganzorig1, and Kyoung Lee1* vol.56,No.11,2018 790–797
4 Comparative genomic analysis of pyrene-degrading Mycobacterium species: Genomic islands and ring-hydroxylating dioxygenases involved in pyrene degradation Dae-Wi Kim, Kihyun Lee, Do-Hoon Lee, and Chang-Jun Cha* vol.56,No.11,2018 798–804
5 Identification and heterologous reconstitution of a 5-alk(en)ylresorcinol synthase from endophytic fungus Shiraia sp. Slf14 Huiwen Yan1,2, Lei Sun1, Jinge Huang1, Yixing Qiu1,3, Fuchao Xu1, Riming Yan1,4, Du Zhu4, Wei Wang3*, and Jixun Zhan1,3* vol.56,No.11,2018 805–812
6 Genetic variation of Colletotrichum magnum isolated from Carica papaya as revealed by DNA fingerprinting Daisy Pérez-Brito1, Alberto Cortes-Velázquez1, Teresita Valencia-Yah1, Anuar Magaña-Álvarez1, Cuauhtémoc Navarro2, Blanca Moreno2, Steven Quiroga2, and Raúl Tapia-Tussell3* vol.56,No.11,2018 813–821
7 Spectral and structural analysis of large Stokes shift fluorescent protein dKeima570 Yongbin Xu1,2, Kwang Yeon Hwang3, and Ki Hyun Nam3,4* vol.56,No.11,2018 822–827
8 Photodynamic antimicrobial activity of new porphyrin derivatives against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus Hüseyin Taşlı1, Ayşe Akbıyık2, Nermin Topaloğlu3, and Vildan Alptüzün4 vol.56,No.11,2018 828–837
9 Astragaloside IV reversed the autophagy and oxidative stress induced by the intestinal microbiota of AIS in mice Nan Xu1, Pengcheng Kan2,3, Xiuhua Yao3,4, Ping Yang2,3, Jiwei Wang3,5, Lei Xiang3,6*, and Yu Zhu2,3* vol.56,No.11,2018 838–846
10 Diagnosis and molecular characteristics of human infections caused by Anaplasma phagocytophilum in South Korea Seung Hun Lee1,2, Sungdo Park1, Yeong Seon Lee1, Hae Kyung Lee1*, and Seon Do Hwang3* vol.56,No.11,2018 847–853