No Title Author Volume Page
1 [Editorial]Omics-based microbiome analysis in microbial ecology: from sequences to information Jang-Cheon Cho vol.59,No.3,2021 229–232
2 Application of computational approaches to analyze metagenomic data Ho-Jin Gwak1, Seung Jae Lee1, and Mina Rho1,2* vol.59,No.3,2021 233–241
3 Prokaryotic DNA methylation and its functional roles Hoon Je Seong1, Sang-Wook Han2*, and Woo Jun Sul1* vol.59,No.3,2021 242–248
4 Microbial phenomics linking the phenotype to function: The potential of Raman spectroscopy Jin-Kyung Hong, Soo Bin Kim, Eun Sun Lyou, and Tae Kwon Lee vol.59,No.3,2021 249–258
5 Microbial source tracking using metagenomics and other new technologies Shahbaz Raza1, Jungman Kim2, Michael J. Sadowsky3,4, and Tatsuya Unno1* vol.59,No.3,2021 259–269
6 Overview of bioinformatic methods for analysis of antibiotic resistome from genome and metagenome data Kihyun Lee1,2, Dae-Wi Kim3, and Chang-Jun Cha1* vol.59,No.3,2021 270–280
7 Dissection of plant microbiota and plant-microbiome interactions Kihyuck Choi1, Raees Khan2, and Seon-Woo Lee1* vol.59,No.3,2021 281–291
8 Omics in gut microbiome analysis Tae Woong Whon1, Na-Ri Shin2, Joon Yong Kim1, and Seong Woon Roh1* vol.59,No.3,2021 292–297
9 Ammonia-oxidizing archaea in biological interactions Jong-Geol Kim1, Khaled S. Gazi1, Samuel Imisi Awala1, Man-Young Jung2,3*, and Sung-Keun Rhee1* vol.59,No.3,2021 298–310
10 Metaviromics coupled with phage-host identification to open the viral ‘black box’ Kira Moon1 and Jang-Cheon Cho2* vol.59,No.3,2021 311–323
11 Minor and major circRNAs in virus and host genomes Zhihao Lou1, Rui Zhou2, Yinghua Su1, Chun Liu1, Wenting Ruan3, Che Ok Jeon3, Xiao Han1*, Chun Lin2*, and Baolei Jia3* vol.59,No.3,2021 324–331
12 A comprehensive review of SARS-CoV-2 genetic mutations and lessons from animal coronavirus recombination in one health perspective Woonsung Na1, Hyoungjoon Moon2, and Daesub Song3* vol.59,No.3,2021 332–340