No Title Author Volume Page
1 Editorial] Bacterial Regulatory Mechanisms for the Control of Cellular Processes: Simple Organisms’ Complex Regulation Jin‑Won Lee* vol.61,No.3,2023 273-276
2 cAMP Activation of the cAMP Receptor Protein, a Model Bacterial Transcription Factor Hwan Youn*, and Marcus Carranza vol.61,No.3,2023 277-287
3 Manganese Transporter Proteins in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium Nakyeong Ha1 and Eun‑Jin Lee2* vol.61,No.3,2023 289-296
4 Mycobacterial Regulatory Systems Involved in the Regulation of Gene Expression Under Respiration‑Inhibitory Conditions Yuna Oh1, Ha‑Na Lee2, Eon‑Min Ko3, Ji‑A Jeong3, Sae Woong Park2, and Jeong‑Il Oh1,4* vol.61,No.3,2023 297-315
5 Envelope‑Stress Sensing Mechanism of Rcs and Cpx Signaling Pathways in Gram‑Negative Bacteria Seung‑Hyun Cho1,2*, Kilian Dekoninck1,2,3, and Jean‑Francois Collet1,2 vol.61,No.3,2023 317-329
6 Membrane Proteins as a Regulator for Antibiotic Persistence in Gram‑Negative Bacteria Jia Xin Yee1, Juhyun Kim2, and Jinki Yeom1,3,4* vol.61,No.3,2023 331-341
7 Temperature Matters: Bacterial Response to Temperature Change Seongjoon Moon†, Soojeong Ham†, Juwon Jeong†, Heechan Ku†, Hyunhee Kim*, and Changhan Lee* vol.61,No.3,2023 343-357
8 Assembly of Bacterial Surface Glycopolymers as an Antibiotic Target Hongbaek Cho* vol.61,No.3,2023 359-367