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1 Phosphatase activity in Cheonho Reservoir Kwag, No Tae · Son, Jae Hak · Lee, Jeong Sub · Ahn, Tae Young * vol.33,No.4,1995 267-272
2 Identification of intestinal microflora in rainbow trout Lee, Soon Deuk · Lee, Yeon Hee * vol.33,No.4,1995 273-277
3 Adsorption of Pb^2+ in the components of bacterial cell membrane Kim, Mal Nam vol.33,No.4,1995 278-282
4 Identification of hemolysin as one of the important virulent factors in vibrio anguillarum V7 Choe, Young Chool · Jeong, Ga Jin * vol.33,No.4,1995 283-288
5 Physiological characterization of kinetics and action mechanism of vibrio hemolysin Choe, Young Chool · Jeong, Ga Jin * vol.33,No.4,1995 289-294
6 The role and characterization of β-1,3-glucanase in biocontrol of fusarium solani by pseudomonas stutzeri YPL-1 Lim, Ho Seong · Kim, Sang Dal * vol.33,No.4,1995 295-301
7 Effect of Zinc and Calcium on the Intracelularly uptake of Cadimium and growth of Escherichia coli Hong, Hyo Bong · Brown, Lewis R. * · Kim, Jong Kyu¹ vol.33,No.4,1995 302-306
8 Characteristics of trypsin-like protease and metalloprotease associated with mycelium differentiation of streptomyces albidoflavus SMF301 Kang, Sung Gyun · Kim, In Seop · Jeong, Byung Cheol · Ryu, Jae Gon · Rho, Yong Taik · Lee, Kye Joon * vol.33,No.4,1995 307-314
9 Physiological importance of trypsin-like protease during morphological differentiation of streptomycetes Kim, In Seop · Kang, Sung Gyun · Lee, Kye Joon * vol.33,No.4,1995 315-321
10 Induction of ethanol tolerance on the production of 17-ketosteroids by mutant of mycobacterium sp. Kim, Mal Nam * · Kim, Eun Mi vol.33,No.4,1995 322-327
11 Characterization of C-P Lyase gene cluster by in vivo ³¹P-NMR spectroscopy Lee, Ki Sung * · Kwak, In Young¹ vol.33,No.4,1995 328-333
12 Comparison of electrophoretic karyotypes in fusarium Min, Byung Re vol.33,No.4,1995 334-338
13 Pleiotrohpic effect of a gene fragment conferring H₂O₂resistance in streptomyces coelicolor Um, Tae Han · Oh, Chung Hun · Lee, Jong Soo¹ · Park, Yong Doo¹ · Roe, Jung Hye¹ · Kim, Jae Heon * vol.33,No.4,1995 339-343
14 Cloning of the gense coding for extracellular proteases from alkalophilic xanthomonas SP. JK311 Kim, Young Hun · Jang, Ji Yeon · Yeeh, Yeehn¹ · Kim, Yong Ho² · Kim, Sang Hae * vol.33,No.4,1995 344-349
15 Sequence analysis of the schizosaccharomycs pombe homologue of the CDC3 gene in saccharomyces cerevisiae Kim, Hyong Bai vol.33,No.4,1995 350-354
16 Independent regulation of antigen processing and presentation on induction of antibody responses to various bacterial antigens in C3H/He mice Kim, Hyung Su · Jeong, Ga Jin * vol.33,No.4,1995 355-362