No Title Author Volume Page
1 Effect of Titanium Ion and Resistance Encoding Plasmid of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 10145 Sung Min Park, Hyun Soo Kim, and Tae Shick Yu* vol.44,No.3,2006 255-262
2 A Bacterium Belonging to the Burkholderia cepacia Complex Associated with Pleurotus ostreatus Ricardo Yara*1, Walter Maccheroni Junior2, Jorge Horii3, and Joao Lucio Azevedo1,4 vol.44,No.3,2006 263-268
3 Sterilization of Bacteria, Yeast, and Bacterial Endospores by Atmospheric-Pressure Cold Plasma using Helium and Oxygen Kyenam Lee1, Kwang-hyun Paek2, Won-Tae Ju2, and Yoenhee Lee*1 vol.44,No.3,2006 269-275
4 A Specific Short Dextrin-Hydrolyzing Extracellular Glucosidase from the Thermophilic Fungus Thermoascus aurantiacus 179-5 Ana Flavia Azevedo Carvalho, Aline Zorzetto Gonclves, Roberto da Silva, and Eleni Gomes* vol.44,No.3,2006 276-283
5 Effect of Mutations of Five Conserved Histidine Residues in the Catalytic Subunit of the cbb3 Cytochrome c Oxidase on its Function Jeong-Il Oh* vol.44,No.3,2006 284-292
6 Optimization and High-level Expression of a Functional GST-tagged rHLT-B in Escherichia coli and GM1 Binding Ability of Purified rHLT-B Xingyuan Ma1, Wenyun Zheng1,2, Tianwen Wang1, and Dongzhi Wei*1 vol.44,No.3,2006 293-300
7 Molecular Cloning and Characterization of a Large Subunit of Salmonella typhimurium Glutamate Synthase (GOGAT) Gene in Escherichia coli Tae-Wook Chung1, Dong-Ick Lee2, Dong-Soo Kim2, Un-Ho Jin1, Chun Park1, Jong-Guk Kim3, Min-Gon Kim4, Sang-Do Ha5, Keun-Sung Kim5, Kyu-Ho Lee6, Kwang-Yup Kim7, Duck Hwa Chung8, and Cheorl-Ho Kim*1 vol.44,No.3,2006 301-310
8 Role of CaBud6p in the Polarized Growth of Candida albicans Yunkyoung Song and Jeong-Yoon Kim* vol.44,No.3,2006 311-319
9 Development of a toxA Gene Knock-out Mutant of Pasteurella multocida and Evaluation of its Protective Effects Tae Jung Kim1, Jae Il Lee2, and Bong Joo Lee*2 vol.44,No.3,2006 320-326
10 Surveillance of Bacterial Pathogens Associated with Acute Diarrheal Disease in the Republic of Korea During One Year, 2003 Seung-Hak Cho, Jong-Hyun Kim, Jong-Chul Kim, Hyun-Ho Shin, Yeon-Ho Kang, and Bok-Kwon Lee* vol.44,No.3,2006 327-335
11 Antimicrobial Susceptibility and Clonal Relatedness between Community- and Hospital-Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from Blood Cultures Sook-In Jung*1, Dong Hyeon Shin1, Kyeong Hwa Park1, and Jong Hee Shin2 vol.44,No.3,2006 336-343
12 Fowl Cholera Outbreak in Domestic Poultry and Epidemiological Properties of Pasteurella multocida Isolate Yong-Ku Woo*1 and Jae-Hak Kim2 vol.44,No.3,2006 344-353
13 Biodegradation of Hydrocarbon Contamination by Immobilized Bacterial Cells Raja Noor Zaliha Abd. Rahman*1, Farinazleen Mohamad Ghazali1, Abu Bakar Salleh1, and Mahiran Basri2 vol.44,No.3,2006 354-359
14 Co-infection of Giardia intestinalis and Cyclospora cayetanensis in an Immunocompetent Patient with Prolonged Diarrhea: Case Report Ozgur Koru, Engin Araz, Askin Inci, and Mehmet Tanyuksel* vol.44,No.3,2006 360-362
15 Differential Symbiotic Response of Phage-typed Strains of Bradyrhizobium japonicum with Soybean Cultivars Chinnaswamy Appunu* and Banshi Dhar vol.44,No.3,2006 363-368