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1 S5 Lipase : An Organic Solvent Tolerant Enzyme Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abdul Rahman1,2*, Syarul Nataqain Baharum1,2, Abu Bakar Salleh1,2, and Mahiran Basri1,3 vol.44,No.6,2006 583-590
2 Evaluation of the Diversity of Cyclodextrin-Producing Paenibacillus graminis Strains Isolated from Roots and Rhizospheres of Different Plants by Molecular Methods Renata Estebanez Vollu, Rafael Fogel, Silvia Cristina Cunha dos Santos, Fabio Faria da Mota, and Lucy Seldin* vol.44,No.6,2006 591-599
3 Phylogenetic Diversity of Acidophilic Sporoactinobacteria Isolated from Various Soils Sung-Heun Cho1, Ji-Hye Han1, Chi Nam Seong2, and Seung Bum Kim1* vol.44,No.6,2006 600-606
4 Molecular Characterization of Marine Cyanobacteria from the Indian Subcontinent Deduced from Sequence Analysis of the Phycocyanin Operon (cpcB-IGS-cpcA) and 16S-23S ITS Region Jagadeesan Premanandh1, Balakrishnan Priya1, Ivanka Teneva2, Balik Dzhambazov3, Dharmar Prabaharan1, and Lakshmanan Uma1 vol.44,No.6,2006 607-616
5 Increase of Yeast Survival under Oxidative Stress by the Expression of the Laccase Gene from Coprinellus congregatus Dongsik Kim, Eunju Kwak, and Hyoung T. Choi* vol.44,No.6,2006 617-621
6 A Fibrinolytic Enzyme from the Medicinal Mushroom Cordyceps militaris Jae-Sung Kim1, Kumar Sapkota1, Se-Eun Park1, Bong-Suk Choi1, Seung Kim1, Nguyen Thi Hiep1, Chun-Sung Kim1,2, Han-Seok Choi3, Myung-Kon Kim4, Hong-Sung Chun1,5, Yeal Park1, and Sung-Jun Kim1 vol.44,No.6,2006 622-631
7 Characterization of β-Ketoadipate Pathway from Multi-Drug Resistance Bacterium, Acinetobacter baumannii DU202 by Proteomic Approach Sonn-Ho Park1, Jae-Woo Kim2, Sung-Ho Yun1, Sun Hee Leem3, Hyung-Yeel Kahng4, and Seung Il Kim1* vol.44,No.6,2006 632-640
8 A New Function of Skp1 in the Mitotic Exit of Budding Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Namil Kim, Hayoung Yoon, Eunhwa Lee, and Kiwon Song* vol.44,No.6,2006 641-648
9 Cloning and Analysis of a Type II Polyketide Synthase Gene Cluster from Streptomyces toxytricini NRRL 15,443 Anna Yoo1, Atanas V. Demirev2, Ji Seon Lee2, Sang Dal Kim2, and Doo Hyun Nam1* vol.44,No.6,2006 649-654
10 Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of HIV-1 vif Gene from Korean Isolates Chan Seung Park1, Mi Sook Kim1, Sung Duk Lee2, Sung Soo Kim3, Keon Myung Lee3, and Chan-Hee Lee1* vol.44,No.6,2006 655-659
11 Claritromycin Resistance and Helicobacter pylori Genotypes in Italy Vincenzo De Francesco1, Marcella Margiotta2, Cesare Hassan3, Nicola Della Valle4, Osvaldo Burattini4, Roberto D’Angelo4, Giuseppe Stoppino4, Ugo Cea4, Floriana Giorgio2, Rosa Monno5, Sergio Morini3, Carmine Panella4, and Enzo Ierardi4* vol.44,No.6,2006 660-664
12 Effect of Mycelial Extract of Clavicorona pyxidata on the Production of Amyloid β-Peptide and the Inhibition of Endogenous β-Secretase Activity in vitro Tae-Hee Lee1, Young-Il Park2, and Yeong-Hwan Han1,3* vol.44,No.6,2006 665-670
13 Construction of an Escherichia-Pseudomonas Shuttle Vector Containing an Aminoglycoside Phosphotransferase Gene and a lacZ'''' Gene for α-Complementation Bheong-Uk Lee1, Ja-Heon Hong1, Hyung-Yeel Kahng2, and Kye-Heon Oh3* vol.44,No.6,2006 671-673
14 Diversity of Yeasts Associated with Panax ginseng Soon Gyu Hong1,2, Kang Hyun Lee1, Jangyul Kwak3, and Kyung Sook Bae3* vol.44,No.6,2006 674-679
15 Isolation of Quinolone-Resistant Escherichia coli Found in Major Rivers in Korea Dahye Jung1, Min Young Lee1, Jung Min Kim2, Je Chul Lee2, Dong Taek Cho2, and Yeonhee Lee1 vol.44,No.6,2006 680-684
16 The Molecular Characterization of Serogroup C Neisseria meningitidis Strains Circulating in Beijing Tie-gang Zhang1*, Jing-guo He1, Xiong He1, Li-Juan Chen1, Zhu-jun Shao2, and Mei-ping Sun1 vol.44,No.6,2006 685-688
17 Carbon Source-Dependent Regulation of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe pbh1 Gene Su-Jung Kim1, Nam-Chul Cho1, In Wang Ryu1, Kyunghoon Kim1, Eun-Hee Park2, and Chang-Jin Lim1* vol.44,No.6,2006 689-693
18 Marine Bacteria Associated with the Korean Brown Alga, Undaria pinnatifida Yoo Kyung Lee1*, Hyun Jung Jung1,2, and Hong Kum Lee1 vol.44,No.6,2006 694-698
19 AUTHOR''''S CORRECTION] Freezing Seawater for the Long-term Storage of Bacterial Cells for Microscopic Enumeration Jung-Ho Jung-Ho1 and Eun-Jin Yang2 vol.44,No.6,2006 699