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1 Induction of Cytokines and Nitric Oxide in Murine Macrophages Stimulated with Enzymatically Digested Lactobacillus Strains Dong Woon Kim1*, Sung Back Cho1, Cheol Heui Yun2, Ha Yeon Jeong1, Wan Tae Chung1, Chang Weon Choi1, Hyun Jeong Lee1, In Sik Nam1, Guk Hyun Suh1, Sang Suk Lee3, and Byong Seak Lee1 vol.45,No.5,2007 373-378
2 Molecular Characterization of Antibiotic Resistant Escherichia coli Strains Isolated from Tap and Spring Waters in a Coastal Region in Turkey Osman Birol Ozgumus*, Elif Celik-Sevim, Sengul Alpay-Karaoglu, Cemal Sandalli, and Ali Sevim vol.45,No.5,2007 379-387
3 The Endophyte Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens Reduces Symptoms Caused by Xylella fastidiosa in Catharanthus roseus Paulo Teixeira Lacava1*, Wenbin Li2, Welington Luiz Araujo1, Joao Lucio Azevedo1, and John Stephen Hartung3 vol.45,No.5,2007 388-393
4 A Culture-Based Study of the Bacterial Communities within the Guts of Nine Longicorn Beetle Species and their Exo-enzyme Producing Properties for Degrading Xylan and Pectin Doo-Sang Park, Hyun-Woo Oh, Won-Jin Jeong, Hyangmi Kim, Ho-Yong Park, and Kyung Sook Bae* vol.45,No.5,2007 394-401
5 InhA-Like Protease Secreted by Bacillus sp. S17110 Inhabited in Turban Shell Sang Chul Jung1, Hyoung-Rok Paik1, Mi Sun Kim1, Keun Sik Baik1, Woo-Yiel Lee2, Chi Nam Seong1, and Sang Ki Choi1* vol.45,No.5,2007 402-408
6 Characterization of an Extracellular Lipase in Burkholderia sp. HY-10 Isolated from a Longicorn Beetle Doo-Sang Park1, Hyun-Woo Oh1, Sun-Yeon Heo1, Woo-Jin Jeong1, Dong Ha Shin2, Kyung Sook Bae1, and Ho-Young Park1* vol.45,No.5,2007 409-417
7 Functional Analysis of the Invariant Residue G791 of Escherichia coli 16S rRNA Woo-Seok Song1, Hong-Man Kim1, Jae-Hong Kim2, Se-Hoon Sim1, Sang-Mi Ryou3, Sanggoo Kim3, Chang-Jun Cha4, Philip R. Cunningham5, Jeehyeon Bae2, and Kangseok Lee1* vol.45,No.5,2007 418-421
8 Cloning and Expression Analysis of a Chitinase Gene Crchi1 from the Mycoparasitic Fungus Clonostachys rosea (syn. Gliocladium roseum) Zhongwei Gan, Jinkui Yang, Nan Tao, Zefen Yu, and Ke-Qin Zhang* vol.45,No.5,2007 422-430
9 Natural Iminosugar Derivatives of 1-Deoxynojirimycin Inhibit Glycosylation of Hepatitis Viral Envelope Proteins James R. Jacob1, Keith Mansfield2, Jung Eun You3, Bud C. Tennant1, and Young Ho Kim3* vol.45,No.5,2007 431-440
10 Improved Prediction of Coreceptor Usage and Phenotype of HIV-1 Based on Combined Features of V3 Loop Sequence Using Random Forest Shungao Xu, Xinxiang Huang, Huaxi Xu, and Chiyu Zhang* vol.45,No.5,2007 441-446
11 A Comparison of Adult and Pediatric Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolates Collected from Patients at a University Hospital in Korea Jin Yeol Park1, Jong Sook Jin1, Hee Young Kang1, Eun Hee Jeong2, Je Chul Lee1, Yoo Chul Lee1, Sung Yong Seol1, Dong Taek Cho1, and Jungmin Kim1* vol.45,No.5,2007 447-452
12 Rapid One Step Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria in Urine with Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and Prostatitis Patient by Multiplex PCR Assay (mPCR) Sang Rok Lee, Ji Min Chung, and Young Gon Kim* vol.45,No.5,2007 453-459
13 Antifungal Activities of the Essential Oils in Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merr. Et Perry and Leptospermum petersonii Bailey and their Constituents against Various Dermatophytes Mi-Jin Park1, Ki-Seob Gwak1, In Yang2, Won-Sil Choi3, Hyun-Jin Jo4, Je-Won Chang5, Eui-Bae Jeung6, and In-Gyu Choi1* vol.45,No.5,2007 460-465
14 Phenotypic and Genotypic Differences of the Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecium Isolates from Humans and Poultry in Korea Jae Young Oh, Seunghun An, Jong Sook Jin, You Chul Lee, Dong Teak Cho, and Je Chul Lee* vol.45,No.5,2007 466-472
15 In vitro Activity of Kaempferol Isolated from the Impatiens balsamina alone and in Combination with Erythromycin or Clindamycin against Propionibacterium acnes Young-Hee Lim1*, In-Hwan Kim2, and Jung-Ju Seo3 vol.45,No.5,2007 473-477
16 Transcriptional Analysis of the DNA Polymerase Gene of Bombyx mori Parvo-like Virus (China Isolate) Yong-Jie Wang1,2, Ke-Ping Chen2, Qin Yao2, and Xu Han2 vol.45,No.5,2007 478