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1 Rapid Phylogenetic Dissection of Prokaryotic Community Structure in Tidal Flat Using Pyrosequencing Bong-Soo Kim1, Byung Kwon Kim1, Jae-Hak Lee2, Myungjin Kim1, Young Woon Lim3, and Jongsik Chun1,2* vol.46,No.4,2008 357-363
2 An Examination of the Bacteriophages and Bacteria of the Namib Desert Eric Prestel, Sylvie Salamitou, and Michael S. DuBow* vol.46,No.4,2008 364-372
3 Diversity of Endophytic Enterobacteria Associated with Different Host Plants Adalgisa Ribeiro Torres1, Welington Luiz Araujo1,2*, Luciana Cursino1, Mariangela Hungria3, Fabio Plotegher3, Fabio Luis Mostasso3, and Joao Lucio Azevedo1,2 vol.46,No.4,2008 373-379
4 High Infectivity of an Endoparasitic Fungus Strain, Esteya vermicola, against Nematodes Chun Yan Wang1, Zhe Ming Fang1, Bai Shen Sun1, Li Juan Gu1, Ke Qin Zhang2, and Chang-Keun Sung1* vol.46,No.4,2008 380-389
5 Comamonas granuli sp. nov., Isolated from Granules Used in a Wastewater Treatment Plant Kyoung-Ho Kim1,2, Leonid N. Ten3, Qing-Mei Liu1, Wan-Taek Im1*, and Sung-Taik Lee1 vol.46,No.4,2008 390-395
6 Acinetobacter soli sp. nov., Isolated from Forest Soil Duwoon Kim1, Keun Sik Baik2, Mi Sun Kim2, Seong Chan Park2, Seon Suk Kim2, Moon Soo Rhee3, Young Se Kwak4, and Chi Nam Seong2* vol.46,No.4,2008 396-401
7 Enhanced Expression of Laccase during the Degradation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Trametes versicolor Yunjung Kim, Sumin Yeo, Hong-Gyu Song, and Hyoung T. Choi* vol.46,No.4,2008 402-407
8 The Role and Regulation of Trx1, a Cytosolic Thioredoxin in Schizosaccharomyces pombe Ji-Yoon Song and Jung-Hye Roe* vol.46,No.4,2008 408-414
9 Cloning and Characterization of a Na+/H+ Antiporter Gene of the Moderately Halophilic Bacterium Halobacillus aidingensis AD-6T Ya Jie Zou1, Li Fu Yang1,2, Lei Wang1, and Su Sheng Yang1* vol.46,No.4,2008 415-421
10 The Fission Yeast Homologue of Gle1 is Essential for Growth and Involved in mRNA Export DongGeRaMi Moon1, Jin-Ah Bae2, Hyun Jin Cho1, and Jin Ho Yoon1* vol.46,No.4,2008 422-428
11 Promoter Analysis of Bombyx mori Nucleopolyhedrovirus Ubiquitin Gene Xu’ai Lin1,2, Yin Chen2,3, Yongzhu Yi2, Jie Yan1, and Zhifang Zhang2* vol.46,No.4,2008 429-435
12 Detection of Hepatitis A Virus from Oyster by Nested PCR Using Efficient Extraction and Concentration Method Duwoon Kim1, Seok-Ryel Kim1, Ki-Sung Kwon2, Ji-Won Lee2, and Myung-Joo Oh1* vol.46,No.4,2008 436-440
13 Modulation of Secreted Virulence Factor Genes by Subinhibitory Concentrations of Antibiotics in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lixin Shen1, Ying Shi1, Dan Zhang1, Jinhua Wei1, Michael G. Surette2, and Kangmin Duan1,2* vol.46,No.4,2008 441-447
14 Application of Free-Flow Electrophoresis/2-Dimentional Gel Electrophoresis for Fractionation and Characterization of Native Proteome of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 Chi-Won Choi1, Young S. Hong2, and Seung Il Kim1* vol.46,No.4,2008 448-455
15 A Circularly Permuted β-Lactamase as a Novel Reporter for Evaluation of Protein Cyclization Efficiency Jeong Seon Kwon, Jyotiranjan Bal, Hai Min Hwang, and Jeong-Yoon Kim* vol.46,No.4,2008 456-461
16 Synergistic Antibacterial Effect between Silybin and N,N’-Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide in Clinical Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates Hyun Jun Jung and Dong Gun Lee* vol.46,No.4,2008 462-467