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1 Analysis of nifH Gene Diversity in Red Soil Amended with Manure in Jiangxi, South China Qihui Teng1, Bo Sun2, Xinrui Fu1, Shunpeng Li1, Zhongli Cui1, and Hui Cao1* vol.47,No.2,2009 135-141
2 Adaptation and Cross-Adaptation of Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella enterica to Poultry Decontaminants Alicia Alonso-Hernando, Rosa Capita*, Miguel Prieto, and Carlos Alonso-Calleja vol.47,No.2,2009 142-146
3 Characterization of Plant-Growth Promoting Diazotrophic Bacteria Isolated from Field Grown Chinese Cabbage under Different Fertilization Conditions Woo-Jong Yim, Selvaraj Poonguzhali, Munusamy Madhaiyan, Pitchai Palaniappan, M. A. Siddikee, and Tongmin Sa* vol.47,No.2,2009 147-155
4 Henriciella marina gen. nov., sp. nov., a Novel Member of the Family Hyphomonadaceae Isolated from the East Sea Zhe-Xue Quan1,2, Dan-Ning Zeng1, Yi-Ping Xiao1, Seong Woon Roh3, Young-Do Nam3, Ho-Won Chang2, Jung-Hoon Yoon2, Hee-Mock Oh2, and Jin-Woo Bae2,3* vol.47,No.2,2009 156-161
5 Halorubrum cibi sp. nov., an Extremely Halophilic Archaeon from Salt-Fermented Seafood Seong Woon Roh and Jin-Woo Bae* vol.47,No.2,2009 162-166
6 Burkholderia sp. KCTC 11096BP as a Newly Isolated Gibberellin Producing Bacterium Gil-Jae Joo1, Sang-Mo Kang2, Muhammad Hamayun2, Sang-Kuk Kim3, Chae-In Na2, Dong-Hyun Shin2, and In-Jung Lee2* vol.47,No.2,2009 167-171
7 Iso-Superoxide Dismutase in Deinococcus grandis, a UV Resistant Bacterium Na-Rae Yun and Young Nam Lee* vol.47,No.2,2009 172-177
8 Intracellular Substrates of a Heme-Containing Ascorbate Oxidase in Pleurotus ostreatus Seung-Rock Lee1*, Woo-Jeong Joo2, Yong-Un Baek2, Youn-Kyong Lee2, Seong-Woon Yu2, Yeon-Ran Kim2, Kee-Oh Chay1, Seung-Hyun Cho2, and Sa-Ouk Kang2* vol.47,No.2,2009 178-186
9 Translocation of Green Fluorescent Protein to Cyanobacterial Periplasm Using Ice Nucleation Protein Wipa Chungjatupornchai* and Sirirat Fa-aroonsawat vol.47,No.2,2009 187-192
10 Identification of a Methyltransferase Encoded by Gene ste16 and Its Function in Ebosin Biosynthesis of Streptomyces sp. 139 Hong-Guan Xie1, Yong-Gang Bao1, Li-ping Bai1, Jun-Jie Shan2, Rong Jiang1, Yang Zhang1, Lian-Hong Guo1, Ren Zhang1,3, and Yuan Li1* vol.47,No.2,2009 193-200
11 Phylogeny of a Novel “Helicobacter heilmannii” Organism from a Japanese Patient with Chronic Gastritis Based on DNA Sequence Analysis of 16S rRNA and Urease Genes Takehisa Matsumoto1,2, Masatomo Kawakubo2, Mayumi Shiohara1,2,3, Toshiko Kumagai2, Eiko Hidaka2, Kazuyoshi Yamauchi2, Kozue Oana4, Kenji Matsuzawa5, Hiroyoshi Ota4, and Yoshiyuki Kawakami4* vol.47,No.2,2009 201-207
12 Characterization of a Baculovirus Newly Isolated from the Tea Slug Moth, Iragoidae fasciata Li-Rong Yang1,2, Xiao Qiang3, Bao-Qin Zhang1, Mei-Jun Tang3, and Chuan-Xi Zhang1* vol.47,No.2,2009 208-213
13 Expression of c-Myc Is Related to Host Cell Death Following Salmonella typhimurium Infection in Macrophage Jihyoun Seong1, Hong Hua Piao1, Phil Yeoul Ryu1, Youn Uck Kim2, Hyon E Choy1, and Yeongjin Hong1,3* vol.47,No.2,2009 214-219
14 Note] Comparative Analysis of 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene (TNT)-Induced Cellular Responses and Proteomes in Pseudomonas sp. HK-6 in Two Types of Media Yun-Seok Cho1, Bheong-Uk Lee2, Hyung-Yeel Kahng3, and Kye-Heon Oh1* vol.47,No.2,2009 220-224
15 Note] Enhanced Expression of Chitinase during the Autolysis of Mushroom in Coprinellus congregatus Hyangsoon Lim and Hyoung T. Choi* vol.47,No.2,2009 225-228