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1 Molecular Detection and Genotyping of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. psidii Isolates from Different Agro-Ecological Regions of India Rupesh Kumar Mishra1,2, Brajesh Kumar Pandey1, Vijai Singh1*, Amita John Mathew1, Neelam Pathak2, and Mohammad Zeeshan2 vol.51,No.4,2013 405-412
2 Microbial Community Analysis of a Coastal Hot Spring in Kagoshima, Japan, Using Molecular- and Culture-based Approaches Minako Nishiyama, Shuichi Yamamoto, and Norio Kurosawa* vol.51,No.4,2013 413-422
3 Multiple Gene Genealogical Analyses of a Nematophagous Fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus from China Juan Li, Heng Li, Xiaoxu Bi, and Ke-Qin Zhang* vol.51,No.4,2013 423-429
4 Bacterial and Fungal Diversity in the Starter Production Process of Fen Liquor, a Traditional Chinese Liquor Xiao-Ran Li1,2, En-Bo Ma3, Liang-Zhen Yan3, Han Meng1, Xiao-Wei Du4, and Zhe-Xue Quan1* vol.51,No.4,2013 430-438
5 Bacterial Diversity in the Mountains of South-West China: Climate Dominates Over Soil Parameters Dharmesh Singh1, Lingling Shi2, and Jonathan M. Adams1* vol.51,No.4,2013 439-447
6 Phenotypic and Genotypic Analysis of Clarithromycin-Resistant Helicobacter pylori from Bogotá D.C., Colombia Alba A. Trespalacios1*, William Otero2, Jorge E. Caminos3, Marcela M. Mercado1, Jenny Ávila1, Liliana E. Rosero1, Azucena Arévalo1, Raúl A. Poutou-Piñales4, and David Y. Graham5,6 vol.51,No.4,2013 448-452
7 Screening and Identification of ClpE Interaction Proteins in Streptococcus pneumoniae by a Bacterial Two-Hybrid System and Co-immunoprecipitation WenJuan Yan1, YingYing Cai1, Qun Zhang2, YuSi Liu1, WenChun Xu1, YiBing Yin1, YuJuan He1, Hong Wang1, and XueMei Zhang1* vol.51,No.4,2013 453-460
8 The Pectate Lyase Encoded by the pecCl1 Gene Is an Important Determinant for the Aggressiveness of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum Andréia Cnossen-Fassoni1, Denise Mara Soares Bazzolli1, Sérgio Hermínio Brommonschenkel2, Elza Fernandes de Araújo1, and Marisa Vieira de Queiroz1* vol.51,No.4,2013 461-470
9 Effect of pH on Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Formation of Linolenic Acid Biohydrogenation by Ruminal Microorganisms Yongjae Lee vol.51,No.4,2013 471-476
10 Fumigant Activity of Volatiles from Streptomyces alboflavus TD-1 against Fusarium moniliforme Sheldon Zhifang Wang, Changlu Wang*, Fengjuan Li, Zhenjing Li, Mianhua Chen, Yurong Wang, Xi Qiao, and Hong Zhang vol.51,No.4,2013 477-483
11 Antimicrobial Effects of Herbal Extracts on Streptococcus mutans and Normal Oral Streptococci Sung-Hoon Lee vol.51,No.4,2013 484-489
12 Dysregulation of KSHV Replication by Extracts from Carthamus tinctorius L. Han Lee1, Hyosun Cho2, Myoungki Son1, Gi-Ho Sung3, Taeho Lee4, Sang-Won Lee5, Yong Woo Jung6, Yu Su Shin5, and Hyojeung Kang1 vol.51,No.4,2013 490-498
13 The N3 Subdomain in A Domain of Fibronectin-Binding Protein B Isotype I Is an Independent Risk Determinant Predictive for Biofilm Formation of Staphylococcus aureus Clinical Isolates An Sung Kwon1, Dong Hoon Lim2, Hyo Jung Shin1, Geon Park3, Jong H. Reu1, Hyo Jin Park1, Jungmin Kim4*, and Yong Lim1* vol.51,No.4,2013 499-505
14 Cell-Surface Expression of Aspergillus saitoi-Derived Functional α-1,2-Mannosidase on Yarrowia lipolytica for Glycan Remodeling Hye Yun Moon1, Trinh Luu Van1, Seon Ah Cheon1, Jinho Choo1, Jeong-Yoon Kim2, and Hyun Ah Kang1* vol.51,No.4,2013 506-514
15 Functional Characterization of Autographa californica Multiple Nucleopolyhedrovirus ORF43 and Phenotypic Changes of ORF43-Knockout Mutant Xue Ying Tao1, Jae Young Choi2, Yong Wang3, Jong Yul Roh4, Joo Hyun Lee1, Qin Liu1, Jong Bin Park2, Jae Su Kim5, Woojin Kim2, and Yeon Ho Je1,2* vol.51,No.4,2013 515-521
16 NOTE] Comparative Assessment of the Intracellular Survival of the Burkholderia pseudomallei bopC Mutant Varintip Srinon1, Sunsiree Muangman1, Nithima Imyaem1, Veerachat Muangsombut1, Natalie R. Lazar Adler2, Edouard E. Galyov2, and Sunee Korbsrisate1* vol.51,No.4,2013 522-526
17 NOTE] Glyoxal Detoxification in Escherichia coli K-12 by NADPH Dependent Aldo-keto Reductases Changhan Lee, Insook Kim, and Chankyu Park* vol.51,No.4,2013 527-530
18 NOTE] Pontibacter jeungdoensis sp. nov., Isolated from a Solar Saltern in Korea Yochan Joung1, Haneul Kim1, Beom-Il Lee1, Heeyoung Kang1, Tae Yong Jang1, O-Seob Kwon2, and Kiseong Joh1* vol.51,No.4,2013 531-535
19 NOTE] Penicillium daejeonium sp. nov., a New Species Isolated from a Grape and Schisandra Fruit in Korea Hyunkyu Sang1,2, Tae-Jin An3, Chang Sun Kim4, Young Phil Choi1, Jian-Xin Deng1, Narayan Chandra Paul1, Gi-Ho Sung5*, and Seung Hun Yu1* vol.51,No.4,2013 536-539
20 NOTE] Evaluation of Fusarium Head Blight in Barley Infected by Fusarium graminearum Woo-Ri Kang1, Duk-Ju Hwang1, Shin-Chul Bae1, Theresa Lee1, Soonok Kim2, and Il-Pyung Ahn1* vol.51,No.4,2013 540-543
21 ERRATUM] Gram-positive Rhizobacterium Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42 Colonizes Three Types of Plants in Different Patterns Ben Fan1,2*, Rainer Borriss2, Wilfrid Bleiss3, and Xiaoqin Wu1 vol.51,No.4,2013 544