No Title Author Volume Page
1 EDITORIAL] Human fungal pathogens: Why should we learn? Jeong-Yoon Kim vol.54,No.3,2016 145-148
2 REVIEW] Interaction of Candida albicans with host cells: virulence factors, host defense, escape strategies, and the microbiota Sarah Höfs1, Selene Mogavero1, and Bernhard Hube1,2,3* vol.54,No.3,2016 149-169
3 REVIEW] Hgc1-Cdc28–how much does a single protein kinase do in the regulation of hyphal development in Candida albicans? Yue Wang vol.54,No.3,2016 170-177
4 REVIEW] Plasma membrane organization promotes virulence of the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans Lois M. Douglas and James B. Konopka* vol.54,No.3,2016 178-191
5 REVIEW] The development of fluconazole resistance in Candida albicans – an example of microevolution of a fungal pathogen Joachim Morschhäuser vol.54,No.3,2016 192-201
6 REVIEW] Innate host defenses against Cryptococcus neoformans Camaron Hole1,2 and Floyd L. Wormley Jr.1,2* vol.54,No.3,2016 202-211
7 REVIEW] All about that fat: Lipid modification of proteins in Cryptococcus neoformans Felipe H. Santiago-Tirado and Tamara L. Doering* vol.54,No.3,2016 212-222
8 REVIEW] Developmental regulators in Aspergillus fumigatus Hee-Soo Park1 and Jae-Hyuk Yu2* vol.54,No.3,2016 223-231
9 REVIEW] Recent advances in the understanding of the Aspergillus fumigatus cell wall Mark J. Lee1* and Donald C. Sheppard2 vol.54,No.3,2016 232-242
10 REVIEW] The contribution of Aspergillus fumigatus stress responses to virulence and antifungal resistance Neil A. Brown1* and Gustavo H. Goldman2* vol.54,No.3,2016 243-253
11 REVIEW] Production of cross-kingdom oxylipins by pathogenic fungi: An update on their role in development and pathogenicity Gregory J. Fischer1 and Nancy P. Keller2* vol.54,No.3,2016 254-264
12 REVIEW] Revisiting old friends: Developments in understanding Histoplasma capsulatum pathogenesis Jon P. Woods vol.54,No.3,2016 265-276