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1 MINIREVIEW] Clinical relevance of infections with zoonotic and human oral species of Campylobacter Soomin Lee1, Jeeyeon Lee1, Jimyeong Ha1, Yukyung Choi1, Sejeong Kim1, Heeyoung Lee1, Yohan Yoon1, and Kyoung-Hee Choi2* vol.54,No.7,2016 459-467
2 Dominant genera of cyanobacteria in Lake Taihu and their relationships with environmental factors Lijun Feng, Shiyou Liu, Wenxian Wu, Jiawen Ma, Pei Li, Hailing Xu, Na Li*, and Yaoyu Feng vol.54,No.7,2016 468-476
3 Gamete-associated flavobacteria of the oviparous Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in lakes Michigan and Huron, North America Thomas P. Loch1* and Mohamed Faisal1,2 vol.54,No.7,2016 477-486
4 Requirement of the isocitrate lyase gene ICL1 for VPS41-mediated starvation response in Cryptococcus neoformans Zhe Xu1, Yafei Zhi1, Jianzhang Dong1, Benfeng Lin1, Di Ye1, and Xiaoguang Liu2* vol.54,No.7,2016 487-491
5 Autoinducer-2 detection among commensal oral streptococci is dependent on pH and boric acid Giancarlo A. Cuadra1*, Ashley J. Frantellizzi2, Kimberly M. Gaesser2, Steven P. Tammariello2, and Anika Ahmed1 vol.54,No.7,2016 492-502
6 Lactobacillus curvatus WiKim38 isolated from kimchi induces IL-10 production in dendritic cells and alleviates DSS-induced colitis in mice Sung-Gang Jo1, Eui-Jeong Noh2, Jun-Young Lee1, Green Kim1,3, Joo-Hee Choi1, Mo-Eun Lee4, Jung-Hee Song4, Ji-Yoon Chang4*, and Jong-Hwan Park1* vol.54,No.7,2016 503-509
7 Carbohydrate-binding specificities of potential probiotic Lactobacillus strains in porcine jejunal (IPEC-J2) cells and porcine mucin Valerie Diane Valeriano, Bernadette B. Bagon, Marilen P. Balolong, and Dae-Kyung Kang* vol.54,No.7,2016 510-519
8 Hepatitis C virus infection stimulates transforming growth factor-β1 expression through up-regulating miR-192 Ji Hyun Kim, Chang Ho Lee, and Seong-Wook Lee* vol.54,No.7,2016 520-526