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1 MINIREVIEW] On the study of microbial transcriptomes using second- and third-generation sequencing technologies Sang Chul Choi* vol.54,No.8,2016 527-536
2 Deinococcus seoulensis sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from sediment at Han River in Seoul, Republic of Korea Jae-Jin Lee1, Yeon-Hee Lee1, Su-Jin Park1, Sangyong Lim2, Sun-Wook Jeong2, Seung-Yeol Lee1, Young-Je Cho3, Myung Kyum Kim4, and Hee-Young Jung1,5* vol.54,No.8,2016 537-542
3 Dynamic variation of toxic and non-toxic Microcystis proportion in the eutrophic Daechung Reservoir in Korea Seung-Hyun Joung1*, Hee-Mock Oh2, and Kyung-A You3 vol.54,No.8,2016 543-550
4 Epidemiology and resistance features of Acinetobacter baumannii isolates from the ward environment and patients in the burn ICU of a Chinese hospital Yali Gong1,2, Xiaodong Shen3, Guangtao Huang2, Cheng Zhang2, Xiaoqiang Luo2, Supeng Yin2, Jing Wang1, Fuquan Hu1, Yizhi Peng2*, and Ming Li1* vol.54,No.8,2016 551-558
5 Amino acid residues in the Ler protein critical for derepression of the LEE5 promoter in enteropathogenic E. coli Su-Mi Choi1, Jae-Ho Jeong1, Hyon E. Choy1*, and Minsang Shin2* vol.54,No.8,2016 559-564
6 Mycobacterium tuberculosis gene expression at different stages of hypoxia-induced dormancy and upon resuscitation Elisabetta Iona, Manuela Pardini, Alessandro Mustazzolu, Giovanni Piccaro, Roberto Nisini, Lanfranco Fattorini, and Federico Giannoni* vol.54,No.8,2016 565-572
7 The Pseudomonas aeruginosa extracellular secondary metabolite, Paerucumarin, chelates iron and is not localized to extracellular membrane vesicles Uzma Qaisar1,2*, Cassandra J. Kruczek3, Muhammed Azeem4, Nasir Javaid2, Jane A. Colmer-Hamood1,5, and Abdul N. Hamood1,3 vol.54,No.8,2016 573-581