No Title Author Volume Page
1 MINIREVIEW] Global transcriptional regulator TrmB family members in prokaryotes Minwook Kim1, Soyoung Park1#, and Sung-Jae Lee1,2* vol.54,No.10,2016 639-645
2 Diversity and enzyme activity of Penicillium species associated with macroalgae in Jeju Island Myung Soo Park1, Seobihn Lee1, Seung-Yoon Oh1, Ga Youn Cho2, and Young Woon Lim1* vol.54,No.10,2016 646-654
3 Arcobacter acticola sp. nov., isolated from seawater on the East Sea in South Korea Sooyeon Park1, Yong-Taek Jung1,2, Sona Kim1, and Jung-Hoon Yoon1* vol.54,No.10,2016 655-659
4 RraAS2 requires both scaffold domains of RNase ES for high-affinity binding and inhibitory action on the ribonucleolytic activity Jihune Heo1, Daeyoung Kim1, Minju Joo1, Boeun Lee1, Sojin Seo1, Jaejin Lee1, Saemee Song2, Ji-Hyun Yeom1, Nam-Chul Ha2, and Kangseok Lee1* vol.54,No.10,2016 660-666
5 Functional analysis of recombinant human and Yarrowia lipolytica O-GlcNAc transferases expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hye Ji Oh1, Yun Moon1, Seon Ah Cheon1, Yoonsoo Hahn1,2*, and Hyun Ah Kang1,2* vol.54,No.10,2016 667-674
6 Degradation and polymerization of monolignols by Abortiporus biennis, and induction of its degradation with a reducing agent Chang-Young Hong1, Se-Yeong Park1, Seon-Hong Kim1, Su-Yeon Lee2, Won-Sil Choi3, and In-Gyu Choi1,4,5* vol.54,No.10,2016 675-685
7 Molecular epidemiology of norovirus in asymptomatic food handlers in Busan, Korea, and emergence of genotype GII.17 Hee Soo Koo1, Mi Ok Lee1, Pyeong Tae Ku1, Su Jeong Hwang1, Dong Ju Park1, and Hyung Suk Baik2* vol.54,No.10,2016 686-694
8 MDA7/IL-24 is an anti-viral factor that inhibits influenza virus replication Rak-Kyun Seong1, Young-Ki Choi2, and Ok Sarah Shin1* vol.54,No.10,2016 695-700
9 Erratum] Transcriptional control of sexual development in Cryptococcus neoformans Mattehew E. Mead1,2 and Christina M. Hull1,3* vol.54,No.10,2016 701