No Title Author Volume Page
1 [MINIREVIEW]Glaciers as microbial habitats: current knowledge and implication Soyeon Kim1,2, Hanbyul Lee1, Soon-Do Hur3, Woo Jun Sul2, and Ok-Sun Kim1* vol.60,No.8,2022 767-779
2 Dynamic colonization of gut microbiota and its influencing factors among the breast-feeding infants during the first two years of life Ping Li1, Xuelian Chang1, Xiaoyu Chen1, Tiantian Tang1, Yajing Liu2, Yu Shang3*, and Kemin Qi1* vol.60,No.8,2022 780-794
3 Analysis of phylogenetic markers for classification of a hydrogen peroxide producing Streptococcus oralis isolated from saliva by a newly devised differential medium Ha Pham1, Thi Dieu Thuy Tran1, Youri Yang2, Jae-Hyung Ahn3, Hor-Gil Hur2*, and Yong-Hak Kim1* vol.60,No.8,2022 795-805
4 Flavihumibacter fluminis sp. nov. and Flavihumibacter rivuli sp. nov., isolated from a freshwater stream Miri S. Park1, Hyeonuk Sa1, Ilnam Kang2*, and Jang-Cheon Cho1* vol.60,No.8,2022 806-813
5 Differences in the methanogen community between the nearshore and offshore sediments of the South Yellow Sea Ye Chen1, Yu Zhen2,3,4, Jili Wan5,6,7, Siqi Li2,3,8, Jiayin Liu5,7,9, Guodong Zhang6,7, and Tiezhu Mi2,3,4,7* vol.60,No.8,2022 814-822
6 Pat- and Pta-mediated protein acetylation is required for horizontallyacquired virulence gene expression in Salmonella Typhimurium Hyojeong Koo1, Eunna Choi2, Shinae Park1, Eun-Jin Lee2*, and Jung-Shin Lee1* vol.60,No.8,2022 823-831
7 Effects of tryptophan and phenylalanine on tryptophol production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae revealed by transcriptomic and metabolomic analyses Xiaowei Gong1, Huajun Luo2, Liu Hong1, Jun Wu1, Heng Wu1, Chunxia Song2, Wei Zhao1, Yi Han1, Ya Dao2, Xia Zhang1, Donglai Zhu1*, and Yiyong Luo2,3* vol.60,No.8,2022 832-842
8 Fus3 and Tpk2 protein kinases regulate the phosphorylation-dependent functions of RNA helicase Dhh1 in yeast mating and Ste12 protein expression Jaehee Hwang, Daehee Jung, and Jinmi Kim* vol.60,No.8,2022 843-848
9 Helicobacter pylori-mediated gastric pathogenesis is attenuated by treatment of 2-deoxyglucose and metformin Hanfu Su1, Eun-Jung Bak2, Aeryun Kim3, Kavinda Tissera4, Jeong-Heon Cha1,2*, and Sungil Jang5* vol.60,No.8,2022 849-858
10 Eradication of drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii by cell-penetrating peptide fused endolysin Jeonghyun Lim1, Jaeyeon Jang1, Heejoon Myung1,2, and Miryoung Song1* vol.60,No.8,2022 859-866