No Title Author Volume Page
1 Phylogenetic study of trichaptum species based on the RFLP analysis of mitochondrial DNA Kim, Mi Sun · jung, Hack Sung * vol.34,No.3,1996 215-219
2 Ultrastructural studies of encystment in allomyces macrogynus Kim, Jung Soeup · Youn, Hyun Joo · Cho, Chung Won * vol.34,No.3,1996 220-224
3 Analysis of cellular fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) for the identification of leuconostoc strains isolated from kimchi Lee, Jung Sook · Chun, Chang Ouk · Kim, hong Joong · Joo, Yun Jung¹ · Lee, Hun Joo¹ · Park, Chan Sun¹ · Ahn, Jong Seog¹ · Park, Yong Ha * · Mheen, Tae Ickc¹ vol.34,No.3,1996 225-228
4 Direct extraction of DNA from soil for amplification of 16S rRNA gene sequences by polymerase chain reaction Cho, Jae Chang · Lee, Dong Hun · Cho, Young Cheol · Cho, Jang Cheon · Kim, Sang Jong * vol.34,No.3,1996 229-235
5 Detection of rifampin resistance mutation and its altered nucleotide sequences in mycobacterium leprae isolated from Korean patients with leprosy Kim, Soon Ok · Kim, Min Joo¹ · Chae, Gue Tae¹ · Suh, Joo Won * vol.34,No.3,1996 236-240
6 Structural and functional stability of the genetic recombinant plasmid pCU103 in different water environments Kim, Chi Kyung * · Kwak, Myoung Ja · Lee, Sung Gie vol.34,No.3,1996 241-247
7 Immunofluorescence localization of schizosacharomjyces pombe cdc103^+ gene product Kim, Hyong Bai vol.34,No.3,1996 248-254
8 Lipoppolysaccharide yields form Rhodobacter capasulatus with indirect ELISA Yoo, Tae Eun · Lee, Hyun Soon * vol.34,No.3,1996 255-262
9 Calcium in infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNY) infected fish cell lines Kim, Nam Shik · Heo, Gnag Joon¹ · Lee, Chang Hee * vol.34,No.3,1996 263-269
10 Inhibition of purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) in micrococcus luteus phenylglyoxal Choi, Hye Seon vol.34,No.3,1996 270-273
11 Antifungal activities of peptides with the sequence 10-17 of magainin 2 at the N-termini against aspergillus fumigatus Lee, Myung Kyu · Lee, Dong Gun · Shin, Song Yub · Lee, Sung Gu · Kang, Joo Hyun · Hahm, Kyung Soo * vol.34,No.3,1996 274-278
12 Culture conditions affecting the molecular weight distribution of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) synthesized by alcaligenaes sp. SH-69 Yoon, Joo Seok · Park, Sang Kyu · Kim, Young Baek¹ · Maeng, Hack Young² · Rhee, Young Ha * vol.34,No.3,1996 279-283
13 Fungal-sporulation suppressing substances produced by pseudomonas aeruginosa KMCS-1 Min, Bu Yong · Shim, Jae Young · Kim, Kun Woo² · Lee, Jong Kyu¹ · Yoon, Kwon Sang * vol.34,No.3,1996 284-288
14 Characterization of azomonas agilis PY101, a cadmium-resistant strain isolated from anyang stream You, Kyung Man¹ · Lee, Ji Hyun¹ · Kim, Jeong Kook¹ · Hah, Nam Ju³ · Lee, Yung Nok¹ · Park, Yong Keun¹'² * vol.34,No.3,1996 289-293