No Title Author Volume Page
1 Phylogenetic study of penicillium chrysogenum based on the amino acid sequence analysis of chitin synthase Park, Bum Chan · Lee, Dong Hun¹ · Bae, Kyung Sook¹ · Park, Hee Moon * vol.35,No.3,1997 159-164
2 Isolation, characterization, and phylogenetic position of a new sulfur-oxidizing bacterium Chang, So Youn · Yoon, Joon Sik¹'⁴· Shin, Yong Kook⁴· Park, Yong Ha⁴· Park, Jin Yeol · Yang, Song Suk · Koh, Moon Joo² · Yoon, Seong Myeong³ · Lee, Jung Sup¹ · Lee, In Hwa · Kim, Si Wouk * vol.35,No.3,1997 165-171
3 Genomic polymorphism in clinical mycobacterial strains analyzed by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis Kim, Jeong Ran · Kim, Cheorl Ho * vol.35,No.3,1997 172-176
4 Eveluation of line probe assay in detecting rifampicin resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis Park, Young Kil · Cho, Snag Hyun · Na, Nyoung Kuk¹ · Song, Chul Yong¹ · Bai, gill Han · Kim, Sang Jae * vol.35,No.3,1997 177-180
5 Optimal condition for efficient DNA transfer in filamentous cyanobacteria by electroporation Poo, Ha Ryoung vol.35,No.3,1997 181-187
6 Isolation of pseudomonas sp. S-47 and its degradation of 4-chlorobenzoic acid Seo, Dong In · Lim, Jai Yun · Kim, Young Chang · Min, Kyung Hee¹ · Kim, Chi Kyung * vol.35,No.3,1997 188-192
7 Characterization of BTX-degrading bacteria and identification of substrate interactions during their degradation Oh, Young Sook · Choi, Sung Chan * vol.35,No.3,1997 193-199
8 Kinetic and spectral investigations on Ca^2+ and Sr^2+ containing methanol dehydrogenases Kim, Si Wouk * · Kim, Chung, Sung¹ · Lee, Jung Sup¹ · Koh, Moon Joo² · Yang, Song Suk · Duine, Johannis A.³ · Kim, Young Min⁴ vol.35,No.3,1997 200-205
9 Isolation and characterization of a noval membrane-bound cytochrome C_553 from the strictly anaerobic phototroph, heliobacillus mobilis Lee, Woo Yiel · Blankenship, Robert E.¹ · Kim, Seung Ho * vol.35,No.3,1997 206-212
10 A possible mechanism responsible for translocation and secretion an alkaliphilic bacillus sp. S-1 pullulanase Shim, Jae Kyoung · Kim, Kyoung Sook¹ · Kim, Cheorl Ho * vol.35,No.3,1997 213-221
11 Cloning and phylogenetic analysis of chitin synthase gene from entomopathogenic fungus, beauveria brongniartii Nam, Jin Sik · Lee, Dong Hun · Park, Ho Yong · Bae, Kyung Sook * vol.35,No.3,1997 222-227
12 Amino acid substitutions conferring cold-sensitive phenotype on the yeast MTF1 gene Jang, Sei Heon vol.35,No.3,1997 228-233
13 A conditional lethal mutation of a nucleoporin gene, NUP49 in saccharomyces cerevisiae Lee, Youn Soo · Song, Young Ja · Hwang, Mi Kyung · Lee, Woo Bok · Kim, Jin Mi * vol.35,No.3,1997 234-238
14 Increased Activities of SOD and Catalase on Aerobic Growth in Arcobacter nitrofigilis Park, Young Bok · han, Yeong Hwan * vol.35,No.3,1997 239-240