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1 Minireview] Alpine Microorganisms: Useful Tools for Low-Temperature Bioremediation Rosa Margesin vol.45,No.4,2007 281-285
2 Resistance to Macrolide, Lincosamide and Streptogramin Antibiotics in Staphylococci Isolated in Istanbul, Turkey Zerrin Aktas, Aslihan Aridogan, Cigdem Bal Kayacan*, and Derya Aydin vol.45,No.4,2007 286-290
3 Effect of Leuconostoc spp. on the Formation of Streptococcus mutans Biofilm Mi-Sun Kang1,2, In-Chol Kang1,2, Seon-Mi Kim1,3, Hyun-Chul Lee4, and Jong-Suk Oh4* vol.45,No.4,2007 291-296
4 Rapid Detection of Virulence Factors of Aeromonas Isolated from a Trout Farm by Hexaplex-PCR In-Young Nam and Kiseong Joh* vol.45,No.4,2007 297-304
5 Comparison of Cytokine and Nitric Oxide Induction in Murine Macrophages between Whole Cell and Enzymatically Digested Bifidobacterium sp. Obtained from Monogastric Animals Dong Woon Kim1*, Sung Back Cho1, Hyun Jeong Lee1, Wan Tae Chung1, Kyoung Hoon Kim1, Jong Hwangbo1, In Sik Nam1, Young Il Cho1, Mhan Pyo Yang2, and Il Byung Chung1 vol.45,No.4,2007 305-310
6 Phosphate and Carbon Source Regulation of Alkaline Phosphatase and Phospholipase in Vibrio vulnificus Wan-Seok Oh, Young-Sun Im, Kyu-Young Yeon, Young-Jun Yoon, and Jung-Wan Kim* vol.45,No.4,2007 311-317
7 Isoforms of Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase in Deinococcus radiophilus Ji Youn Sung and Young Nam Lee* vol.45,No.4,2007 318-325
8 The Physiological Role of CPR1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae KNU5377 against Menadione Stress by Proteomics Il Sup Kim1, Hae Sun Yun2, Sun Hye Kwak3, and Ing Nyol Jin3* vol.45,No.4,2007 326-332
9 Purification and Characterization of an Intracellular NADH: Quinone Reductase from Trametes versicolor Sang-Soo Lee, Dong-Soo Moon, Hyoung T. Choi, and Hong-Gyu Song* vol.45,No.4,2007 333-338
10 Screening of Genes Related to Methylglyoxal Susceptibility Insook Kim1, Joonho Kim1, Bumchan Min2, Changhan Lee1, and Chankyu Park1* vol.45,No.4,2007 339-343
11 Schizosaccharomyces pombe nup97, which Genetically Interacts with mex67, is Essential for Growth and Involved in mRNA Export Hyun Jin Cho, Duk Kyung Hwang, Sun Im Jung, and Jin Ho Yoon* vol.45,No.4,2007 344-349
12 Effect of Saliva miltiorrhiza Bunge on Antimicrobial Activity and Resistant Gene Regulation against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Ji-Won Lee1,2, Young-Ju Ji1,2, Syng-Ook Lee1,2, and In-Seon Lee1,2* vol.45,No.4,2007 350-357
13 Molecular Characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates Resistant to All Antimicrobial Agents, but Susceptible to Colistin, in Daegu, Korea Yoo Chul Lee1, Byung Jun Ahn1, Jong Sook Jin1, Jung Uk Kim1, Sang Hwa Lee2, Do Young Song3, Won Kil Lee4, and Je Chul Lee1* vol.45,No.4,2007 358-363
14 Immunological Roles of Pasteurella multocida Toxin (PMT) Using a PMT Mutant Strain Tae Jung Kim1, Nguyen Tat Toan2, Eun Jin Jang2, Bock Gie Jung2, Jae Il Lee2, and Bong Joo Lee1* vol.45,No.4,2007 364-366
15 Diversity of Microorganisms in Decaying Maize Stalks Revealed by a Molecular Method Ming-Xia Yang1 and Han-Bo Zhang1,2* vol.45,No.4,2007 367-370
16 Author''s Correction] Recombinant Expression and Purification of Functional XorII, a Restriction Endonuclease from Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae Young Kee Chae* vol.45,No.4,2007 371