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1 Antimicrobial Susceptibilities of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci (CNS) and Streptococci from Bovine Subclinical Mastitis Cases Emel Banu Buyukunal Bal1*, Suleyman Bayar1, and Mehmet Ali Bal2 vol.48,No.3,2010 267-274
2 Isolation, Characterization, and Abundance of Filamentous Members of Caldilineae in Activated Sludge Dae-No Yoon1, Soo-Je Park1, So-Jeong Kim1, Che Ok Jeon2, Jong-Chan Chae3, and Sung-Keun Rhee1* vol.48,No.3,2010 275-283
3 Assessment of Soil Fungal Communities Using Pyrosequencing Young Woon Lim1, Byung Kwon Kim2, Changmu Kim1, Hack Sung Jung3, Bong-Soo Kim4, Jae-Hak Lee5, and Jongsik Chun3,5* vol.48,No.3,2010 284-289
4 Kinetic Evaluation of Products Inhibition to Succinic Acid Producers Escherichia coli NZN111, AFP111, BL21, and Actinobacillus succinogenes 130ZT Qiang Li1,2, Dan Wang1,2, Yong Wu2,3, Maohua Yang1,2, Wangliang Li1, Jianmin Xing1*, and Zhiguo Su1 vol.48,No.3,2010 290-296
5 Characterization of Cultivated Fungi Isolated from Grape Marc Wastes Through the Use of Amplified rDNA Restriction Analysis and Sequencing Spyridon Ntougias1,2, Nektarios Kavroulakis3, Kalliope K. Papadopoulou4, Constantinos Ehaliotis5, and Georgios I. Zervakis1,6* vol.48,No.3,2010 297-306
6 Gaetbulibacter jejuensis sp. nov., Isolated from Seawater You-Sung Oh1, Sang-Bin Lim1, Hyung-Yeel Kahng2, Byoung-Jun Yoon3, Duck-Chul Oh3, Jae-Ho Joa4, and Dong-Heon Lee2* vol.48,No.3,2010 307-311
7 Oceanobacillus manasiensis sp. nov., a Moderately Halophilic Bacterium Isolated from the Salt Lakes of Xinjiang, China Lei Wang1,2, Wen-Yan Liu2,3, Zhi-Jing Gu2, San-Feng Chen1,2, and Su-Sheng Yang3* vol.48,No.3,2010 312-317
8 Cel8H, a Novel Endoglucanase from the Halophilic Bacterium Halomonas sp. S66-4: Molecular Cloning, Heterogonous Expression, and Biochemical Characterization Xiaoluo Huang1, Zongze Shao2, Yuzhi Hong3, Ling Lin1, Chanjuan Li1, Fei Huang1, Hui Wang1, and Ziduo Liu1* vol.48,No.3,2010 318-324
9 Identification and Characterization of a Novel Bacterial ATP-Sensitive K+ Channel Seung Bum Choi1, Jong-Uk Kim2, Hyun Joo3, and Churl K. Min1* vol.48,No.3,2010 325-330
10 Production, Partial Characterization, and Immobilization in Alginate Beads of an Alkaline Protease from a New Thermophilic Fungus Myceliophthora sp. Letícia Maria Zanphorlin1, Fernanda Dell Antonio Facchini2, Filipe Vasconcelos1, Rafaella Costa Bonugli-Santos3, André Rodrigues4, Lara Durães Sette3, Eleni Gomes1, and Gustavo Orlando Bonilla-Rodriguez1* vol.48,No.3,2010 331-336
11 Altered Protein Expression Patterns of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Induced by ATB107 Hongbo Shen1, Enzhuo Yang1, Feifei Wang1, Ruiliang Jin2, Shengfeng Xu1, Qiang Huang1*, and Honghai Wang1* vol.48,No.3,2010 337-346
12 Phenotypic Diversity of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Strains Associated with the Plasmid O157 Ji Youn Lim1, Joon Bae Hong1, Haiqing Sheng1, Smriti Shringi2, Rajinder Kaul3, Thomas E. Besser2, and Carolyn J. Hovde1* vol.48,No.3,2010 347-357
13 Genetic Diversity of Chromosomal Metallo-β-Lactamase Genes in Clinical Isolates of Elizabethkingia meningoseptica from Korea Jong Hwa Yum1, Eun Young Lee2, Sung-Ho Hur3, Seok Hoon Jeong2*, Hyukmin Lee4, Dongeun Yong2, Yunsop Chong2, Eun-Woo Lee5, Patrice Nordmann6, and Kyungwon Lee2 vol.48,No.3,2010 358-364
14 Proteomic Analysis of Hyphae-Specific Proteins That Are Expressed Differentially in cakem1/cakem1 Mutant Strains of Candida albicans Kang-Hoon Lee, Seung-Yeop Kim, Jong-Hwan Jung, and Jinmi Kim* vol.48,No.3,2010 365-371
15 Helicobacter pylori γ-Glutamyltranspeptidase Induces Cell Cycle Arrest at the G1-S Phase Transition Kyung-Mi Kim1, Seung-Gyu Lee2, Jung-Min Kim1, Do-Su Kim1, Jea-Young Song1, Hyung-Lyun Kang1,3, Woo-Kon Lee1,3, Myung-Je Cho1,3, Kwang-Ho Rhee1,3, Hee-Shang Youn4, and Seung-Chul Baik1,3* vol.48,No.3,2010 372-377
16 Helicobacter pylori apo-Fur Regulation Appears Unconserved Across Species Shana Miles, Beth M. Carpenter, Hanan Gancz, and D. Scott Merrell* vol.48,No.3,2010 378-386
17 Acinetobacter baumannii Outer Membrane Protein A Induces Dendritic Cell Death Through Mitochondrial Targeting Jun Sik Lee, Chul Hee Choi, Jung Wook Kim, and Je Chul Lee* vol.48,No.3,2010 387-392
18 Molecular Cloning, Purification, and Characterization of a Novel, Acidic, pH-Stable Endoglucanase from Martelella mediterranea Junli Dong1, Yuzhi Hong2, Zongze Shao3, and Ziduo Liu1* vol.48,No.3,2010 393-398
19 NOTE] Identification of Genes That Are Dispensable for Animal Infection by Salmonella typhimurium Hyun-Ju Kim and Hyon E. Choy* vol.48,No.3,2010 399-403
20 NOTE] Halomonas jeotgali sp. nov., a New Moderate Halophilic Bacterium Isolated from a Traditional Fermented Seafood Min-Soo Kim, Seong Woon Roh, and Jin-Woo Bae* vol.48,No.3,2010 404-410