No Title Author Volume Page
1 MINIREVIEW] The therapeutic applications of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs): a patent review Hee-Kyoung Kang1, Cheolmin Kim2, Chang Ho Seo2, and Yoonkyung Park1,3* vol.55,No.1,2017 1-12
2 Epidemiological relationships of Campylobacter jejuni strains isolated from humans and chickens in South Korea Jae-Young Oh1, Yong-Kuk Kwon2, Bai Wei1, Hyung-Kwan Jang1, Suk-Kyung Lim3, Cheon-Hyeon Kim4, Suk-Chan Jung5, and Min-Su Kang5* vol.55,No.1,2017 13-20
3 Effects of diet type, developmental stage, and gut compartment in the gut bacterial communities of two Cerambycidae species (Coleoptera) Jeong Myeong Kim1, Min-Young Choi1, Jae-Woo Kim1, Shin Ae Lee1, Jae-Hyung Ahn1, Jaekyeong Song1, Seong-Hyun Kim2, and Hang-Yeon Weon1* vol.55,No.1,2017 21-30
4 Functional characterization of the cutI gene for the transcription of carbon monoxide dehydrogenase genes in Mycobacterium sp. strain JC1 DSM 3803 Jae Ho Lee1, Sae Woong Park1, Young Min Kim1, and Jeong-Il Oh2* vol.55,No.1,2017 31-36
5 RraAS1 inhibits the ribonucleolytic activity of RNase ES by interacting with its catalytic domain in Streptomyces coelicolor Sojin Seo, Daeyoung Kim, Wooseok Song, Jihune Heo, Minju Joo, Yeri Lim, Ji-Hyun Yeom*, and Kangseok Lee* vol.55,No.1,2017 37-43
6 Biosynthesis and uptake of glycine betaine as cold-stress response to low temperature in fish pathogen Vibrio anguillarum Yue Ma1,2, Qiyao Wang1,2,3, Xiating Gao1, and Yuanxing Zhang1,2,3* vol.55,No.1,2017 44-55
7 Proteomic characterization of the outer membrane vesicle of the halophilic marine bacterium Novosphingobium pentaromativorans US6-1 Sung Ho Yun1, Sang-Yeop Lee1, Chi-Won Choi2, Hayoung Lee3, Hyun-Joo Ro1, Sangmi Jun1, Yong Min Kwon4, Kae Kyoung Kwon5, Sang-Jin Kim4,5, Gun-Hwa Kim1, and Seung Il Kim1,6 vol.55,No.1,2017 56-62
8 Performance of nested multiplex PCR assay targeting MTP40 and IS6110 gene sequences for the diagnosis of tubercular lymphadenitis Pallavi Sinha1, Pradyot Prakash1, Shashikant C.U. Patne2, Shampa Anupurba1, Sweety Gupta1, and G. N. Srivastava3 vol.55,No.1,2017 63-67
9 Identification of essential genes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa for its growth in airway mucus Mohammed Abd Alrahman1 and Sang Sun Yoon2* vol.55,No.1,2017 68-74
10 Reovirus safety study for proliferation and differentiation of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells Jeong-Soo Park1 and Manbok Kim2* vol.55,No.1,2017 75-79